JIBO To The Rescue

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In today’s fast-paced society, everyone could use an extra pair of hands or a personal assistant. Luckily JIBO Inc. has created a device to provide just that. JIBO, a deemed the “Family Robot,” can help with simple daily tasks like sending messages and controlling home lighting systems. This new interactive robot was conceptualized by Founder and CEO Cynthia Breazeal, who also serves as a Pioneer of Social Robotics, and works as a professor at MIT. Along with her team, Breazeal has created this 11 inch tall, 6 pound aluminum robot, capable of turning a full 360 degrees. JIBO also comes with a High-Definition LCD touchscreen, two cameras, 2 speakers and full body touch sensors.

Once connected to your wifi, JIBO can perform a myriad of tasks: it can jot down reminders, set alarms, Skype with friends and family, and even read stories to your children. And after syncing JIBO with your phone’s Bluetooth, it will be able to read messages and emails from your phone, call your contacts, play voicemails and even send photos, all using voice command. JIBO is so advanced that it can recognize unique faces and greet each user personally.

With its 360 degree turning capabilities as well as microphone, JIBO can hear your command anywhere in the room. It can also assist Skype phone calls while the user is multitasking; it will track your face and turn while you move around a room. JIBO can even use its 360-degree microphone to find you when you say “JIBO take a photo” and will snap a shot once it senses that everyone is smiling.

JIBO is a perfect companion for anyone, from children to seniors. It can entertain kids with stories and games; adults can use JIBO to help alleviate stress by playing reminders and messages.

You can now pre-order the interactive robot, Home Edition for $499. The Developer Edition along with JIBOAlive SDK starts at $599. JIBOs will be shipping out around late 2015, but pre-orders are running out fast so snag yours today.

-Kamil Sokolowski

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