How to Be Super Fashionable

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Just because your bedroom isn’t exactly commonplace in your home where you spend time entertaining, doesn’t mean it can’t look trendy and fashionable. Taking the time to spruce up your bedroom can really help to make it feel more comfortable, welcoming, and just enjoyable to spend time relaxing. Granted, the same trends that would be popular in the rest of your house probably aren’t going to work in your bedroom, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other tips and techniques you can use.

Here we’ll discuss a few different ways that you can be super fashionable in the bedroom as far as the décor and style go.


Spoil Yourself with All New Bedding


How to Be Super Fashionable


Because the largest piece of furniture in your bedroom is, in fact, your bed, it presents a great opportunity to act as décor in the room. The linens that you pick can really help to set the tone, create a vision, and tie the whole space together. Sometimes people choose to let their bedding be their focal point, whereas other times they use it to anchor all the other pops of color in the room together.

As far as what to pick, if you’re the type that likes that more homely, comfortable feel, then you could look at new quilt cover prints and finish it off with matching pillowcases and clean crisp sheets. If you like more of the modern, clean lines approach to decorating, then keep it simple with a bright white duvet and a few throw pillows. Then again, if you’re looking to make a statement, you can always go for a bold color or print to really make it pop.

Take Advantage of the Various Lighting Options


How To Be Super Fashionable


If you’re the type that tends to walk into your room, flick on the wall switch for the light, and then not give it a second thought when you are really missing out on a great opportunity. Lighting is not only capable of performing a task, but it too can add style and flair to the room. Nowadays, it’s common for people to pick statement fixtures like a chandelier or a modern drop fixture.

There’s also no reason to stop at the ceiling light, as you can also hang wall sconces, or use side table lamps and standing lamps. Each of these will serve its own purpose as far as lighting a particular area, but it also adds more interest and flair to the room.

Now, keep in mind your lights don’t all have to match, but they do need to flow together. This could mean that you’re using the same color palette, the same material or fabric, or the same style.

Put New Hardware on Your Furniture



How To Be Fashionable

New Hardware


Just because you want your bedroom to look fashionable, doesn’t mean you’re in the market for all new furniture. If you would like to keep your existing pieces but want to give them a bit of a punch, then you can always change out the hardware and give them a whole new look.

Pick Up New Curtains


How To Be Fashionable



Whether you have drapes at the moment or not, these again can act as a fabulous statement piece. Just be sure you are picking something that works with the color palette you have chosen. You can either buy curtains that are similar to the wall color so they, in fact, fade into the background, or you can have them stand out and walk on the bold side.

A Stylish and Fashionable Room in No Time


How To Be Fashionable


These tips will help you to create a stylish and fashionable room that not only feels welcoming and looks great but is also comfortable and practical at the same time.

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