Hot New Workout: The Da Vinci BodyBoard

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Image: Da Vinci BodyBoard

It’s time to ditch the fad diets and three hour gym sessions and trade them in for something that really works. The Da Vinci BodyBoard is the hottest new product in fitness that will help you become healthier and happier than you’ve ever been.

It’s quick, it’s intense, and it actually works!

Created by life-long fitness enthusiast, Floery Mahoney, the Da Vinci BodyBoard is the newest innovative fitness accessory that will help you get in the best shape of your life.

The Da Vinci BodyBoard comes equipped with a mat and three sets of resistance bands, all of which are essential for the workout. One set of resistance bands is attached to handles, and another set is attached to ankle straps. Throughout the workout, they are used interchangeably to target specific muscle groups, which helps to build slender and toned muscles (without the bulk!). The third set of bands are flat resistance latex-band dancing bands, which allow you to incorporate muscle exercises into your cardio using the full range of motion that the bands create. Together they make up the Da Vinci BodyBoard, an all-in-one system which lets you fit in both cardio and strength training workouts into your daily routine – all in just thirty minutes.


Image: Da Vinci BodyBoard

Clients who have followed the Da Vinci BodyBoard system have done nothing but rave about their fantastic results – especially those who have reached plateaus even while staying loyal to their healthy lifestyle. They have finally said goodbye to those last ten pounds that seemed impossible to shed, all thanks to the Da Vinci BodyBoard.

“I quit everything except for this,” said Floery about her progress with the BodyBoard system. “Literally within ten days, I lost eight pounds.”


Image: Da Vinci BodyBoard

Before Floery developed this system, she had been a chocolatier–her job was to taste food products for quality control. To balance out the chocolate, Floery would run ten miles a day in addition to an hour-long bootcamp three times a week. However, the rigorous routine did not seem to be working. She felt distressed and did not recognize the body she was in.

As a mother with a busy schedule, she began to work out with bands around her home, tying them to furniture. She felt how effective the resistance bands were and enjoyed coming up with new workouts. She started developing the muscles she always wanted and saw a line down her stomach that she never had before.

When the furniture constantly moved, the idea of the BodyBoard came to life. She realized the size board she needed, and made her idea a reality. She recorded a video of the workout and began showing it to people. A year and a half later, investors hopped on board, greatly assissting in the popularity of the product. Today, the BodyBoard is well known all over LA, Miami, and even gaining recognition over seas. Just recently, the rights were sold to Europe.


Image from Da Vinci BodyBoard

New York is next in line for the Da Vinci BodyBoard, and this workout is sure to take off in the busy city. Although there is no studio in Manhattan dedicated exclusively to the Da Vinci BodyBoard, there are classes offered at the Lucille Roberts on 42nd street and on 5th avenue. The BodyBoard can also be purchased online, equipped with instructional DVDs for users to do the workout in the comfort of your own home. Soon to come is a Da Vinci BodyBoard online club where members will have access to new videos by different fitness trainers every week. Stay tuned!

“I think what this product actually is going to do for the public, is give them a sustainable and enjoyable way [to work out],” said Floery. ” If you do this for a half hour, your body will change for you like you would never believe.”

Floery’s creation is sure to be a big hit all over the world. New York is ready to take on the Da Vinci BodyBoard–the next best thing in fitness!

Be sure to get on board (literally) and check out more details about the Da Vinci BodyBoard on their website!

– Sarah Santos

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