Don’t Show Up Empty Handed: 9 Gifts for Your Host

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 Arrow Bottle Stopper, $10, available at BHLDN

Getting invited to dinner at someone’s house is, most of the time, a pleasure. Yet, at the same time, doubts arise. Unless it is a very intimate person or the invitation is extended on short notice, proper etiquette dictates that a guest should not arrive empty handed. Showing up with something in tow for your host shows respect and indicates a kind gesture of thanks in response to the invitation. The question is: What should you take as a gift for your host? There are a lot of options, actually, suggestions, because there is no one right way to go. Ultimately, in selecting a gift, the good taste of the guest and the appreciative intention behind the item is what matters most. If you are a creative person, don’t be afraid of using your inventiveness. Remember, different and beautiful surprises are always welcome. A classic suggestion for any type of event is flowers. You can take or send them to the place you will be attending. Preferably, it is best to bring flowers already in some sort of vase or receptacle, to prevent the host from searching for a vase to put the flowers in while guests are arriving. If you want to be thankful and extend a gift to the entire family, consider offering something that the whole family will enjoy. If you choose food, choose an assortment of sweet pastries or cookies or a box of assorted chocolates so that everyone can enjoy. In this case consider not only the quantity but the quality as well. Here are some suggestions to help you find the perfect gift!

-Thais Morais, Maria Zanetti & Xavi Ocaña

native cast DIY Round Sweet Basil Kit, $15, available at Uncommon Goods

LindenbeautyMs. Tilly Rosalie’s Beauty Tea, $24, available at R.L. Linden & CO

LindenThe Linden, $60, available at Bloom That.

Moma coaster

History of Art Coasters, $20, available at Moma Store

Candle Sabon

Luxury Candle, $24 , available at  Sabon


Golden Edibles Drizzled Chocolates Strawberries, $60, available at Saks Fifth AvenueChalkboard vase

Chalkboard Vase, $40, available at Uncommon Goods

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