Fitness Friday: Q&A with Tone It Up’s Katrina & Karena

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For this week’s Fitness Friday, I set out to ask the popular trainers behind the Tone It Up program, Katrina Scott and Karena Dawn, some questions about the TIU community and its success. We also touched on tips for staying healthy while eating out and on the go, and of course we chatted a bit about the holidays and their newest challenge: The Holiday Hustle!

Since the company’s launch in 2009, Katrina & Karena have built a strong healthy living community for women everywhere. With a dedication to female empowerment and balance, the program is perfect for women of all ages — and the transformations speak for themselves. The programs are quite possibly some of the most encouraging and positive fitness programs I’ve ever come across, and the community they’ve created gives a sense of not being alone in the health and wellness jungle that exists today.

It’s clear that the duo is deeply committed to making healthy living fun and attainable, all the while building friendships and connecting women all over the world. This program is about more than just looking great. It’s about feeling great, too — mentally as well as physically. The programs never get boring, and their dedication to keeping it fun and upbeat means there are always new recipes, challenges, and videos to follow. In the sometimes confusing and unrealistic fitness world, these beach babes bring a perfect mix of motivation, acceptance and sunny, positive vibes.



Tone It Up has become quite the community. Did you ever imagine TIU would get this big?

Katrina: We truly believe in the power of visualization, and from the very beginning, we envisioned creating a community where women could come together to support, motivate, and uplift each other to achieve all their dreams — making fitness fun — and we feel very fortunate that we’ve been able to turn that dream into a reality.

What prompted you to create TIU?

Karena: We wanted to create a place where women from around the world could come together, bond through fitness and nutrition, and find positive girlfriends, just like we did! We met at the gym on a Friday and instantly connected over our passion for health and wellness. We wanted every girl to have that same opportunity and experience!

What are some of the key elements of its success?

Katrina: A key element has been creating an authentic community built on trust. Our community inspires us to work hard every day and is the reason we’ve never given up.  There have been so many moments where we failed and we almost gave up, but we didn’t. Hold on to what ignites you…everything will work out!

Over the summer, you did the TIU Tour and got to meet a lot of TIU’ers. What did you love most about this tour?

Karena: The most amazing part of the Tone It Up Tour was that we were able to connect directly with thousands of women! We worked out, danced, sipped rosé together and heard so many inspiring stories, which we’ll cherish forever.

Any plans on doing something similar next year?

Karena: We have some big plans for 2018!! We’re super excited to release them soon!

You’ve worked a lot with Jillian Michaels. How did you meet her? 

Karena: The first time we met her was actually at a small concert at Hotel Cafe when we first started Tone It Up. We were super excited and blurted out that we were starting a fitness community. She was really nice, but we were too scared to ask her for a pic! Years later we connected on Twitter and went out to dinner. We talked about our upcoming tour and in between some sushi, she goes “Count me in!” Never would we have imagined Jillian Michaels would come on tour with us!

You recently launched the Tone It Up app. How is it going so far?

Karena: The Studio Tone It Up app launch is going really well. What makes it so different and special is that you can take fitness classes with your girlfriends from anywhere and connect with women before and after class. You’re never alone working out in Studio Tone It Up. Plus, you can choose from so many different types of workouts like HIIT, yoga, toning, barre, dance, and strength training, track your workouts and goals, and receive texts and motivation from us! Download the app here for a free week pass!

With both LA and New York being cities where you dine out and eat on the go a lot, what are your best tips for staying healthy?

Katrina: Ironically, whenever we’re traveling, we have to be on our ‘A-game’ and feel our best for photo shoots, interviews, or workout video segments. No matter where we are, we keep it Lean, Clean, ‘N Green and follow the guidelines of the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan. When we’re following the Nutrition Plan, we look and feel our best and most confident.

Karena: When you’re dining out, our best tip is not to be afraid to ask for substitutions! Ask for grilled or steamed options instead of fried. Even veggies like Brussels sprouts are often fried. At Italian restaurants, I like to order chicken cacciatore. At Japanese restaurants, sashimi is always a great lean protein option.

The holidays are upon us… what are some of your best holiday tips for sticking to a healthy lifestyle while not depriving yourself of the fun of spending time with loved ones and enjoying yourself?

Karena: My best tip is to stick to a healthy daily routine and make some time to prioritize yourself first thing. I wake up earlier every morning so I have time for coffee, a workout, and a few minutes of meditation. That way, no matter what else happens that day, I feel balanced and centered.

What are some of your favorite holiday recipes?

Katrina: I love holiday cookies! We have some delicious and simple treats here!

And what are you most excited about for the upcoming holidays?

Karena: Spending time with our loved ones and celebrating with the beautiful Tone It Up community!

The TIU21 just ended & The Holiday Hustle Challenge launched this week. Tell us more!

Katrina: The Holiday Hustle Challenge is all about enjoying the holiday season while staying healthy and balanced. It’s about taking care of YOU. It features daily workouts, lifestyle challenges, and lots of delicious holiday recipes like cookies and cocktails! Join us for the Holiday Hustle here!

What’s the next challenge for the TIU community?

Karena: We have a new challenge coming up for the New Year. There are weekly workouts, daily classes in the studio, nutrition plans, lifestyle challenges, and so many tips and tricks to feel your absolute best in 2018. Be on the lookout for more details on our website soon!


You can find out more, get great tips and tricks and see the incredible transformations on their website and follow them on Instagram @toneitup as well as individually @karendawn and @katrinaascott.


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