Downtown Q&A: Allison Parc

by | Aug 7, 2019 | Dining, Featured, Power Women, Spirits

ALLISON PARC Founder and president of Brenne French Single Malt Whisky, recognized as one of the leading American entrepreneurs in the world-whisky segment. Named World Whisky Brand Ambassador of the Year by Whisky Magazine’s  Icons of Whisky, USA, the only woman to receive the award.

1. Name three women that inspire you, and tell us why.

RBG – It can get overwhelming to know how to join a cause that you feel passionate about, and I’ve always been inspired by how early on Ruth Bader Ginsburg knew she wasn’t a “marcher,” but instead she focused in on how she could use her work to do her part in the women’s rights movement. She has continued to make changes at the highest level that are helping make this country a more balanced and safe place for all.

My Grandmother, Grace lived to be 102 years and never stopped learning until her final week. She also worked as a school teacher until they kicked her out for being “too old.” She would have continued to teach well into her 100’s had she been allowed. She taught me many things, one of which being is that the most interesting person in the room is one who is actively studying something (anything!). A passion for learning keeps you young, interesting, and fun.

Choosing a third is impossible. There are too many!

2. What has been the secret to your success?

Laser focus of the end goal, flexibility and agility in the ways in which we continuously work to get there, and the right balance of confidence and humility.

3. If you were going to pass on one piece of advice to a young woman, what would it be?

Never be discouraged; there is always a way to move forward. Whenever I start to feel discouraged, that’s when I take an afternoon off to go stroll through a museum or a park solo. I need to immerse myself in a world outside of whatever I’m focused on and feel humbled by the immense creations that others have done before me. It’s usually in remembering that there are thousands of avenues to create in life that I start to unlock the creative solutions to solve my current challenges.

4. In the fight for equality, what area do you think needs the most attention?

First and foremost: equal pay for equal jobs. As a society, we are only going to grow together if we can have better communication across all of the aisles/sides. We need to be able to really hear each other and build a stronger tomorrow together. 

5. What are you most proud of in your career?

1) Having actually created something that people enjoy.

2) Being the first woman to accomplish certain milestones.

3) Many people now see the bright future of my company. It’s great when it shifted from me telling people why Brenne is so important to them telling me. I smile and think internally, “Yeah, welcome aboard my friend!”

6. Where do you get your confidence?

From my gut. 

7. What makes a woman beautiful?


8. What gives you joy?

Too many things to list! But writing that list over a glass of Brenne Whisky would be a lovely way to start! 

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