Creativity Is Not Enough

by | Nov 28, 2017 | Opinion

Unlike the common belief, creatives are the people who do things, not those who think about what could be done. Anastasiia Neronova, Creative Director and Social Media Guru of a few internationally recognized ventures, including the Social Media & Influencer Marketing Agency ADDDME, believes there’s still a wrong perception of “creativity” as of something that can be even harmful to business, distracting and failing to take into account practical matters of implementation.

“Unfortunately, majority of people who are full of ideas simply do not understand how an organization must operate to get things done” shares Anastasiia.

“As Thomas Jefferson said: ‘Ideas must be distinct before reason can act upon them….’ In this sense, ideas should be grounded in logic and reality before they are acted upon. They need to be workable,” she explains.

Anastasiia entered the world of Marketing & Social Media with an impressive body of knowledge and experience, including several years in various creative leadership roles. A graduate of SKEMA Business School, Anastasiia has worked with a diverse group of clients and her marketing expertise covers areas of food, fashion, technology, and entertainment industries. Similarly, she has created campaigns for an assortment of media, such as online and social media platforms.

“As a creative director you need to constantly come up with new ideas to make our product ranges, ad campaigns and branding more appealing at the same time ensuring that any material leaving the company looks right and sticks to brand guidelines. You need to inspire and be inspired – sounds fun, right? But still the most important is to make sure your ideas can work. Constant, ongoing innovation is critical to stay ahead of the competition, and that’s why I consider myself an “innovator”, rather than just a “creative”, she says.

“Setting the creative standards and objectives so that everyone understands them is the most challenging – you need to be clear with expectations and examples. Plus, a creative director has to consider many more aspects of an ad now, along with all the traditional visual components: Who’s viewing the ad? What sorts of engagement options within the ad might appeal to them? It’s no longer enough to simply deliver the viewer a call to action at the end of the ad,” Anastasiia explains.

When talking about her roots, she is clear on both her background and her future. Living in New York City has given her a different mindset, a more global mindset.

I am Ukrainian but now I also consider myself a “converted” New Yorker. I believe that international mindset is critical for the global work of bigger brands to connect with consumers across borders “

When asked about her personal creative process and why she moved to NYC, Anastasiia shares:

“I’m inspired by humans of New York and the city’s energy – it is known for its fast-paced, around-the-clock lifestyle, which may be overwhelming for newcomers, but for me, it’s just a never-ending source of motivation”.

You can find out more about Anastasiia on Facebook, Instagram or simply by sending her an email.

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