Looking For A Great Experience This Weekend?

by | Aug 4, 2015 | Dining, Events, Opinion, Out On The Town

Photo courtesy by hornblower.com

Photo courtesy by hornblower.com

Looking for something fun to do this weekend to celebrate a special occasion? Well, there are a number of things you can do, whether it’s spending a delicious evening on your rooftop, dining at one of the rooftop or outdoor restaurants, or maybe booking a private yacht for you and your friends.

Since 2012, Hornblower New York has offered private event charters and public dinner cruises from Pier 40 in the West Village. In March 2014, the company expanded to Pier 15 at the South Street Seaport, where it operates frequent happy hour and entertainment cruises, as well as daily New York sightseeing tours. The pride of Hornblower’s New York fleet is the 210-foot Hornblower Infinity. With its open bow, covered sky deck and state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems, the Infinity provides dynamic event and meeting spaces.

The jazz Sunday cruise that they offer is also a great choice. With an exceptional jazz artist and ensemble patrons are sure to have a great time. Great service is a given and Downtown’s CEO and Publisher commends the service by Latoya who pampered the group in every way possible.

 There’s just something about being out on the beautiful Hudson River with the sunset, eating delicious food and sipping on heavenly cocktails on a beautiful yacht that makes you feel apart of this incandescent city. Yes, this is real and this exists right here in the heart of New York.
The Hornblower offers unforgettable cruises on the Hudson River. They offer special events, or if you’re celebrating a New York wedding, New York corporate event, retirement, or simply just want to throw a party, the experts at Hornblower can help you create a truly magnificent evening.
Our CEO and Publisher, Grace Capobianco, was met by Arto Altincatal, the SEO Manager of Hornblower cruises and events.
“He is the consummate personal host. From the second we reached his hands we felt like we were on the Queen Mary with five-star service and staff,” Capobianco said.
There are beautifully reserved tables with a window that presented the waterways and the boats on the Hudson. The music is exciting and the DJ keeps the crowd entertained as the evening continues. With champagne flowing and a beautiful view of the downtown skyline with the Freedom Tower sparkling, it will be hard not to do this every weekend.
For more information patrons can visit their website here. Hornblower New York is located at Hudson River Park Pier, 40 353 West Street at the Westside Highway and West Houston.
by- Albany Reed

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