7 Healthier Twists We’re Making In 2018

by | Jan 25, 2018 | Editor's Pick, Featured, Health & Fitness, Nutrition

It’s always a cliché whenever a year passes, isn’t it? In the new year, I’ll do this, this and that. Whether it’s the new year that’s prompted a fresh start, or it’s just feeling sluggish upon weeks of celebrating and the weather, we always like to take some time to look into our habits. Which can we change for the better?

Now, nutrition is often where we first look. Why? Because the holidays have us craving a little reset. When it’s winter, we’re susceptible to falling into “cozy” habits that include more time on the couch with treats and less time in the kitchen and outside.

These are 7 healthier twists we’re making in 2018. Are you making them too?


Cooking With Coconut Oil And Ghee Instead of Butter

Photo: Courtesy of carringtonfarms.com

Fat is important, it’s necessary, and it’s good for you. But not all fats are created equal. There are fats that are better for you and for cooking. We’re especially loving this Coconut Oil and Ghee from Carrington Farms. Coconut oil we love for its high content of natural saturated fats. Saturated fats not only increase your healthy cholesterol but also help convert the “bad” cholesterol into good cholesterols. Ghee is clarified butter originating from the Indian continent. The simmering process to make it means that it’s stripped from casein and lactose — and it has a high smoke point, so it’s perfect for cooking and give that real butter flavor we know and love.


Drinking Macadamia Milk Instead of Regular Milk

Photo: Courtesy of mikadamia.com

We know the debacle surrounding milk has been real. To drink or not to drink? While we totally support drinking milk if it’s good for you, some people don’t tolerate nor like milk. Whether you’re lactose intolerant or have chosen to go dairy-free for other reasons, there are plenty of alternatives out there. Lately, we’ve been on a macadamia milk kick. Yes, macadamia. You probably know all about almond milk, but did you know about macadamia milk? Milkadamia is changing the game with its dairy, soy, GMO’s and gluten free macadamia nut milk. They come in four varieties and they’re perfect in everything from coffee and smoothies to baking and cooking!


Trying New Fruit and Veggies

Photo: Courtesy of farmboxdirect.com

So fruit and veggies are good for you, no news there. And you’ve probably been gobbling them up already! But do you ever find yourself buying and eating the same kinds over and over again? We do! Which is why Farmbox Direct has answered our prayers. You can choose between All Natural or Only Organic — in which you can choose three sizes and whether you want veggies, fruit or mixed. The selection varies each week meaning you’ll get to try some new vegetables and fruits, and best of all: It comes straight to your door! Fresh, flavorful, healthy and convenient — what’s not to love?


Replacing Rice With Quinoa

Photo: Courtesy of ancientharvest.com

Quinoa all day, every day. This little grain continues to be one of the world’s most popular health foods. And honestly, why wouldn’t it? It’s gluten-free, protein-packed and high in minerals like Iron and Magnesium — not to mention delicious! You can use it instead of rice, it’s a great source of protein for vegans and vegetarians and it cooks up fast. And it just got even easier! These Heat & Eat packets from Ancient Harvest are perfect for quick meals. The one with quinoa and sea salt is great for getting dinner on the table fast, while the two with lentils & garlic and chickpeas & garlic are perfect for lunch. Simply heat, mix with some salad and lunch is served.


Switching Out Skinny Pasta For Regular Pasta

Photo: Courtesy of skinnypastausa.com

We’re firm believers in not cutting out anything for good that brings you enjoyment. Unless you’re intolerant, you can eat your beloved pasta with a clear conscience. Just be aware of potions sizes and maybe choose whole wheat for a little more fiber. But, we also always believe in trying new things and finding alternatives to the foods we love — you know what they say, too much of a good thing… The Skinny Pasta is made out of the konjac plant, an all-natural plant that contains loads of fiber, meaning you’ll be fuller for longer. You can use it in dishes you’d normally use pasta or noodles in — just remember to give it a good rinse, and let it soak up the flavor of the dish.


Trying Out Healthier Version of Comfort Foods

Photo: Courtesy of vegetariansnob.com

We probably don’t have to mention comfort food twice before mac and cheese comes to mind. And there are healthier versions out there. Sometimes, yes — you’ll want your mamma’s homemade, classic recipe, or let’s be real; Kraft Foods. But, there are actually many more alternatives out there. Whether they contain brown rice pasta for the gluten-free like the one from Amy’s Kitchen, or a dairy-free version like the one from Road’s End, they’re delicious. Definitely worth a try, if you find yourself reacting to dairy or gluten — but have a hard time giving up childhood favorites. You can also make a vegan “cheese” sauce yourself with the help of cashews and nutritional yeast. And this goes for more dishes than just this one, healthified classics is a thing!


Choosing A Healthier Pizza

Photo: Courtesy of delish.com

Look, we get it. New Yorkers need their pizzas! Sometimes a real gluten-packed one. But know that there are alternatives. If you regularly follow food trends, chances are you’ve heard about the cauliflower crust pizza, but have you heard about its counterpart, the Meatza? Pizza on a meat crust. Real Good Foods have three different flavors; supreme, pepperoni and three cheese. They’re made on an antibiotic, preservative-free parmesan chicken crust and they hands down taste delicious! Real Good Foods also have enchiladas and breakfast pizzas that are worth checking out if you’re more into Mexican meals or savory breakfasts!

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