Your Weekly Indulgence: Scorpion Fish & Chips at Fine & Rare

by | May 23, 2019 | Dining, Featured, Your Weekly Indulgence

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Since 2017, Fine & Rare has been a destination for fine food, rare spirits, and rhythmic jazz. The contemporary menu is paired with the sophistication of old New York, including touches like rescued teller windows from Grand Central Station and a rolling library ladder that helps bartenders access some of the hundreds of bottles lining the walls. Fine & Rare also features daily live jazz performances and a bottle keep program that allows patrons to keep special bottles in private lockers for their consumption only.

Such an exquisite environment needs dishes to match, and Chef Philip Sireci has done it with his new lunchtime scorpion fish and chips. The scorpion fish is both delicious and rare. When caught live, scorpion fish are often thrown back to avoid coming in to contact with their spines as the venom within them is toxic enough to cause serious problems if medical treatment is not sought. When dead, the spines can be carefully removed with kitchen shears. The flesh cooks white, is firm, and has a mild and somewhat sweet flavor similar to lobster meat.

The scorpion fish and chips are served with mashed peas, scorpion chili dusted fries, and sweet & spicy scorpion chili aioli. After being carefully cleaned, the fish is dipped in a beer batter infused with more scorpion chili pepper then deep fried. The fries are made with hand cut Idaho potatoes and double fried for the perfect combination of creamy center and crisp skin. The mashed peas are a nod to a traditional side in England and help to mellow the head from the scorpion chili while bringing out the sweetness. This dish is a perfect example of Fine & Rare’s goal to create a theatrical experience for their guests while educating them about exciting and rare food and spirits. This is truly an indulgent dish you can’t get anywhere else!

Fine & Rare
9 E 37th Street

Tuesday–Friday: 12:00–2:30 PM

Saturday–Sunday: 11:00 AM – 3:30 PM

Dinner (Kitchen Hours)
Sunday–Tuesday: 5:00–10:00 PM
Wednesday–Thursday: 5:00–11:00 PM
Friday–Saturday: 5:00 PM – 12:00 AM

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