Why Should New York Need to Legalize Online Gambling?

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Legalize Online Gambling?

Legislations vary around the United States. While online casinos, lottery, and sports betting are legal in some states, other states like New York are yet to join the bandwagon. The state has the longest history of restricting any form of gambling and even elaborates on the list of offenses and related penalties.

There aren’t any big casinos in New York for that reason. However, the situation has slowly improved over time. New York residents aren’t explicitly barred from taking part in wagering activities, especially online casinos and sports betting. However, running an online gambling institution is outlawed.

What that means is while New York residents are free to wager online without risking prosecution, running an online gambling platform within state boundaries is illegal. Hence, operators catering to New York are located offshore. If you’re a New York Resident and want to explore iGaming, visit PAPunter.

The Push to Legalize Online Gambling in New York

While there’s no way to be certain if and when online gambling restrictions will be lifted, the Gaming Commission has given the nod. The decision is now entirely up to the state authorities to legalize and regulate iGaming. However, the leadership believes that authorizing online gambling will alter the Constitution.

Needless to say, it’s going to be a lengthy and hectic process. Gambling aficionados aren’t impressed. While online gambling continues to thrive in neighboring New Jersey amidst the pandemic, New Yorkers are left struggling with iGaming legalities. This is affecting the state coffers too.

According to a report from earlier this year, New Yorkers often take local commuter trains to neighboring Jersey City, Newark, and Hoboken to try their luck at sports betting during major events. Using geolocation services, New York punters legally lodge wagers on a range of sporting events from their smartphones.

The state is missing out on a major revenue opportunity, and the situation is only going downhill if this continues to thrive.

The Booming iGaming Scene in New Jersey

Since 1992, Nevada has had an unrivaled monopoly on betting operators in the United States. New Jersey was quick to learn their lesson, slowly legalizing most forms of gambling through a steady push by the state’s lawmakers. Over time, New Jersey managed to regulate the gambling industry, even monitoring the thriving online casino business within the last half-decade.

Gamblers located within the boundaries of the state can legally wager online apart from racetracks and in land-based casinos. Although New York is taking steps in the right direction, the efforts aren’t sufficient to counter New Jersey’s expansive offerings. NJ is undoubtedly the most sought-after destination for punters based in New York. Thus, hurting the state coffers a little bit more every year.

The New York administration has taken note of the issue. The 2019 Poker Bill is a step in the right direction. But the pace needs to pick up quickly in order to counteract the growing NJ influence. New York authorities should try and replicate New Jersey’s success by following the Jersey story from the start.

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