Which Ways to Wear Your Hair this Winter

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By David Cotteblanche

Hair Stylist David Cotteblanche gives tips for hair fashion to offset the chilly weather.

First, let’s talk about hair trends. In general, the trend is more and more about being an individual. As in fashion, glamour and sexy are always in. However, creating a unique high fashion look can go one of many ways. This winter, while we’re creating soft color pallets for hair color, we’re going opposite with the haircut and going in with strong lines for a chic balance. Here are some looks.


Lobs(long bob)

A lob is very much still a trend. This cut is great because the lines are simple but streamline and lengthening. If your a woman on the go who would like a change but and still need the option of being able to use a ponytail this cut is it. This is a mid-length look that sits right by the collar bone and draws the eye to the clavicle, which keeps it sexy.

French Bob

French Bob

Now let’s talk about a French bob. This cut is easily one of the chics hair cuts for the winter. This cut sits closest to chin length. When the hair is this length the natural texture pops creating effortless body and texture. When using Pure Mist by The One and a diffuser, the hair takes on its own life. As we move into oversized coat and scarf season this haircut works so well because its length keeps it free from being tucked in a coat. And if your more courageous add some bangs for drama.

Asymmetric Bob – An asymmetric bob is an Extremely strong look so it is instantly bold and unique. This style is its own statement piece, it’s like an accessory. As everyone’s face shape is different, the angles of haircuts should dance perfectly with the angles of the face, cheekbone, and jawline. This too is a great bold winter look the sits above a bulky coat. 

Bowl Cut -This time of the year we’re moving away from the overdone shag and opting for a more androgynous look with the bowl cut. This cut is adventurous and chic at the same time. It reads strong but delicate. Find an experienced stylist that understands texture and face shape and the look could be for anyone. The short length creates lots of volume drawing eyes straight to the heart of the face, the cheekbones. 

Long Hair 

Winter Hair

Glamour Long Hair

Long Hair Wavy Texture

Last but not least, we all love a long length cut but to make it bolder we are going in with a dramatic fringe and lots of long layers. During hat season a fringe can be an accessory. As the long layer cascade off the shoulders and back the fringe cascades along the forehead and cheekbones. With long layers.. buns, braids, and ponytails can be used. This cut is for a woman who likes to play with different styles. Here are some styles that are timeless.

Hairstyle trends

Messy Buns

High Messy Bun

For our mid to long length beauties, a messy bun can be used for all kinds of hair textures. It’s effortless and can be an on the go look. Is it day two of no washing? This is an easy way to stretch your shampoo in the cold months. 


Winter Hair

Creative Cornrows

Braids are another perfect style for long-haired women. The braid is the new, coolest hair trend. As looks have gotten stronger the braid has taken many forms; cornroll, waterfall, fishtail, reverse braid, milkmaid, and last the French braid. All these looks are perfect for stretching your washes protecting the scalp from drying out during the dry winter months. Before braiding use Soleil Hair Cream by Frédéric Fekkai to create a smooth texture and base then be loud rock out! 

So what are some styles for short hair? 

Wet look

The wet look is a trademark this season. It includes a sleek hair, sleek pony’s. When the hair is pushed back it takes on an androgynous, strong and sexy look. To do this use Fekkai Shear sculpt styling over lightly damp hair. 

Sleek ponytail -The Sleek pony is for the minimalist. This look is elegant and simple but reads as confident. Adding volume to the ponytail can add a more feminine quality to the look. To do this spray the ponytail and backcomb a bit for volume with The One by Fekkai Dry texturizing spray. 

Low messy bun -Lastly, for shorter hair, a low messy bun is an easy way to pull back the hair. Keeping it low allows using whatever length is left to create a chignon. This style is another quick, easy, on the go look for in-between blowouts. 

As these looks are all bold and in trend, this season you can even step it up a few notches by adding fun accessories, hairpins, and hair scarfs. And if you want to save your self from doing for hair all together some days try a wig! 

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