Urban Zen Hosted Screening Of Documentary “HEAL”

by | Dec 21, 2017 | Featured, Lifestyle

Urban Zen, along with founder Donna Karan, hosted Deepak Chopra and writer/director Kelly Noonan Gores at an exclusive VIP screening, panel discussion and reception to celebrate the worldwide digital/DVD premiere of the critically acclaimed documentary, “HEAL.” Our publisher Grace A. Capobianco and her dear friend, Downtown contributing editor Karine Bakhoum, attended the screening.

“When I heard the words ‘be kind to yourself, your health depends on it,’ I was confused,” said Capobianco. “How can self-kindness play a role in my health? I don’t think that there’s a day when I don’t beat myself up for something in both my career and personal life.”

“To be honest, I don’t know how not to put extreme pressure on myself,” she added. “My take from this extraordinary journey during the screening was that ‘HEAL’ is about re-educating your mind, healing from within, letting go of doubt, and taking the time to go on a spiritual journey for yourself. Sounds calming and freeing, just to think about what I just said for this quote.”

Healer Rob Wergin, who was featured in the documentary, was in attendance, as well as Dr. Jennifer Ashton, Chief Medical Correspondent, ABC News, Celebrity Intuitive Thomas John and Elizabeth Craig, a stage 4 cancer survivor.

Urban Zen Integrative Therapists (UZITs) were also onsite offering integrative therapy sessions. UZITs alleviate patient suffering, promote health, and deliver acts of kindness by offering yoga therapy, reiki, essential oil therapy, nutrition, and contemplative care/mindful awareness exercises.

“We’re all on the same path,” Donna Karan said. “At some point, we will be a patient, loved one or a caregiver. We’re all on a journey to heal. Become a vehicle for positive energy. Using that potential to offer it to someone else is so powerful. We’re all there for each other.”

During the panel discussion, Deepak Chopra shared his six pillars for well-being: sleep, exercise, meditation, healthy emotion, peace of mind, and good nutrition and hydration.

When asked for her thoughts on this Urban Zen evening, Bakhoum replied,  “It was uplifting to be in Donna Karan’s beautiful Urban Zen setting amongst friendly faces, including Deepak Chopra, watching this remarkable film. There is no doubt that we are what we think and with our mind and spirit we can heal ourselves and the state of the world.”

Urban Zen is currently celebrating the season with its Urban Zen Holiday Experience, which consists of a series of events to help people alleviate stress during the holidays.

Urban Zen Holiday Experience

Urban Zen’s philosophy is to give back by preserving cultures, integrating wellness and empowering children through education. The Urban Zen Holiday Experience, open to the public now through December 23rd, is a shopping destination manifesting conscious consumerism. The selection available includes art, artisan products from around the world, books, handmade accessories, home decor, furniture and objects of desire, as well as Urban Zen’s latest fashion collection.



“HEAL”the new critically acclaimed documentary, takes its viewers on a scientific and spiritual journey that reveals the incredible intelligence of the human body and how our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and perceptions strongly affect our health. The film, which was just released on DVD and digital download worldwide this week, has been trending as the #1 documentary on iTunes.

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