Treat Your Hair After Lockdown

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The lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic has been tough on everyone –


Mentally and physically, but as we see restrictions easing in some parts of the country, then it’s natural to have the feeling of coming out of a cocoon! Many of us were neglecting hair and beauty regimes, but now we can go outside again and can be seen by other humans, we deserve to treat ourselves and look our best. If your hair has been looking a bit limp, dry, and boring during the last few months, then here are a few ideas to treat your locks and feel refreshed. Don’t forget you can try something that isn’t a messy bun!


TreatYour Hair After Lockdown

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Ease up on the temperatures of your styling products


Many of us love a good curling iron, blow-dryer, or pair of straighteners, as these lovely little devices turn average hair into catwalk-worthy styles, but keep in mind that extreme heat over time leads to dry and brittle hair. If your styling tools have the option to adjust the temperature, then always use middle settings and ideally lessen the use over the course of the week. Heat protectant sprays help a bit, although you’ll have to think long-term if you want great looking hair for your whole life. The same goes for shower temperature, too, as hot water tends to strip away essential oils needed to lubricate our scalps.


Give your hair some highlights


TreatYour Hair After Lockdown

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If you’ve already got lighter hair but wish to add a few playful streaks here and there to adjust your look, then highlights for your hair is an absolute must-have. Learn all about doing these yourself so that you can get salon-like results at home and have a final look that you’re proud of displaying. Highlights are a great way to refresh old, tired-looking hair without necessarily having to resort to entire coverage using hair dye. Plus, these are a bit less complicated to achieve than going for the ombre look, as that usually requires a professional to help complete the look.


Make use of hair masks


TreatYour Hair After Lockdown

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You’d be surprised what a quality hair mask can do to hair in not-so-great-condition. Packed with restorative and moisturizing ingredients that help to mend the scalp and hair strands, hair masks come in many different types and can be used once a week for a great hair care regime alongside your normal shampoo and conditioner. You can also try these DIY hair mask ideas if you want to use up some household ingredients!


Take care of the hair ends


If you’re trying to grow your hair longer, especially, split ends are your worst enemy. These must be trimmed roughly every three months in order for your hair to flow naturally and look its best. Wearing scarves and hats throughout winter, not to mention the wind and indoor heating, all take a toll on our hair ends and damage them ever so slightly. If you avoid trimming the ends, your hair will only look frizzier and lifeless. Shampoos and conditioners can help to repair split ends somewhat, but it won’t fix the issue completely – only a haircut can do that. Visit your stylist as soon as it becomes possible, as trimming the ends yourself often leads to bad results! Look here for some great hairstyles to try next winter.


Be careful with wet hair


When you get out of the shower or bath, then remember that hair is very prone to damage when it’s wet. Wait until your hair has mostly dried before running a wide-toothed comb or brush through it, and don’t rub at your hair vigorously with a towel to speed up the drying (you’ll only create more frizz and breakage), but instead pat softly to dry. Chlorine from swimming pools isn’t exactly a best friend to our hair, so either, wear a swimming cap or wash and condition as soon as you get out of the pool.


TreatYour Hair After Lockdown

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