With the Today’s Epicure App, Luxury Dining Reservations Are At Your Fingertips

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Pascal Riffaud is no stranger to the ins and outs of exceptional service.

As a former head hotel concierge at such well-heeled destinations as the Prince de Galles Hotel in Paris and New York’s St. Regis Hotel, he is skilled in providing distinguished services for guests. With a new venture into mobile device software, he has translated the customized luxury experiences he is known for into an easily accessible app- Today’s Epicure.

Today’s Epicure is an ingenious restaurant concierge app that makes dining at the most upscale NYC dining establishments hassle-free. With guaranteed reservations and easy accessibility, exclusive eateries cater to you in the comfort of your own home!

This is how the app works: First, Riffaud personally books multiple reservations at New York’s trendiest restaurants under various names. Next, he puts those reservations on the Today’s Epicure app for users to select. Once a customer has made his or her selection, the restaurant is called for confirmation. With the help of this app, foodies can now, confidently expect to be seated at the city’s finest restaurants without fear of being shut out.

Individuals who want to simply get a taste of the experience can pay a one-time only fee of $150 for a single reservation. But a monthly subscription to the app is only $125. A four-month membership is $300, while a full-year is $1,000.

Pascal Riffaud himself has said, “What is difficult can be done immediately, what is impossible will take a bit longer.”

However, with this luxury dining app, it seems impossible is nothing.

More information, please visit todaysepicure.com.

Maya Prejbisz

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