The Winter Box: A Collection of Tips, Gadgets, and Accessories for Men This Winter

by | Nov 11, 2019 | Fashion

In this blog post, we are going to reveal everything you need to know to survive this winter. This includes the top trends in men’s accessories, the best winter gadgets, and how to find the right clothing. You can use this to help you find great Christmas gifts for men this season or just for yourself! So, let’s get right to it…

What defines a stylish New Yorker?

What defines a stylish New Yorker? Well, NYC style is always about balance; combining style and comfort. Layer strategically, keep an eye on the weather, and balance relaxed pieces with more structured garments.

Make someone smile with a sleek watch

A stylish New Yorker needs a good watch, and this makes a great gift for someone this holiday season. For a long time now male watches have seemed to follow the tune of the bigger, the more prominent, the more elaborate – the better. Watches with big faces covered in diamonds have long been the way to go when it comes to making an impression with wrist jewelry. However, this coming season actually marks a shift away from this trend. In fact, autumn/winter 2019 is all about understated fashion and understated looks. Instead, men will be living by the motto ‘it’s the little things that matter’. Watches that are attractive yet are not ‘in your face’ will certainly be the most fashionable this winter. 

Vintage clothing makes a stylish winter gift

If you are tired of the same old fashions being rehashed on the high street in NYC, then perhaps now is the time to try out something new. Or, to be more specific, perhaps it’s the time to go back to something old – vintage men’s clothes. These garments from yesteryear will not disappoint during winter in the Big Apple, making the perfect gift for any man.  When searching for vintage clothes, from trousers and tops to scarves and jackets, you must have the ability to sort the good from the bad. Good quality pre-owned clothing for guys is available from a variety of places, including charity shops, markets, and auction websites. Nonetheless, locating hidden jewels at a competitive price in these places may be time-consuming and is often a thankless endeavor. 

What’s a good gift for a New Yorker during the holiday season?

There are lots of great gift ideas for New Yorkers during the holiday season. For those cold winter months in New York, a cosy artisan scarf or hat would be a perfect Christmas gift for friends and loved ones. And for those busy non-stop commuters an eco-friendly, personalised coffee cup could be the answer.     


Gift ideas for him – Best winter gadgets for men

What are some cool gifts for guys? There are lots of great winter gadgets out there for men to make the most of! If you are going to be driving a lot, a foot-warmer mat can stop your feet from freezing over while stuck in traffic! Of course, a beverage warmer is essential too. You can even get a snow-melting stair mat! Or, what about heated slippers and a snowball blaster? There’s literally something for everyone! If you’re looking for something fun and unique with lots of personality, a gadget like the ones mentioned will work well, especially during the cold days and nights in NYC! A cozy USB warmer mouse pad is a great gift for someone who uses a computer a lot. 

What does every man need in his apartment during the holidays?

There are a number of different things that every man needs to have in his apartment. This includes towels in different sizes, proper beverage glasses, a shoe rack, coat rack, and a good coffee maker. After all, we all need to kickstart the cold mornings with a cup of coffee. Or, if you want to make your life a bit easier, you can always buy a gift card for a home store so the recipient can choose their own home gifts. Or, what about a robot vacuum who will make their life a lot easier during the winter months? A Nutribullet Blender is another great gift for holidays, enabling people to make delicious smoothies so they can get all of the vitamins they need for the colder months!

So there you have it: the essential winter gift box. We hope you have found some great suggestions for you

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