The Sexiest Menu in New York City: Jean-George’s The Fulton

by | Mar 4, 2020 | Dining, Featured, Featured

The fresh haul –

is brought back to Pier 17 in time for lunch and dinner when it’s served up in myriad styles inspired by seafood traditions all over the world: sometimes sashimi, other times crispy.

Get a taste –

of this Lower Manhattan culinary gem in the Downtown Alliance’s new video on The Fulton:

The Fulton’s “the sexiest menu in New York City,”

Jean-Georges justifiably boasts — and with dishes like warm octopus and fresh mozzarella, salmon soaked in brown butter and yellowfin tuna tartare, he’s likely to receive little if any pushback on such a claim. (The New York Times, after all, has been fawning over The Fulton’s whole sea bass in a pastry crust.)

Plus, the operation’s attention to detail doesn’t stop at the tastes and appearances of its elegant, supple dishes. This dining experience is perfectly paired with a stunning view of Brooklyn Bridge out The Fulton’s windows.

By the Downtown Alliance 2/20/2020

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