The Perfect Workout Counterpart

by | Jun 29, 2019 | Events, Exercise, Featured, Health & Fitness, Nutrition

Photos provided by PERFORMIX House

Monday night, in joining one of the two PERFORMIX House fitness classes, one could find themselves energized and inspired by their surroundings. Guests were led by trainer Devon Lévesque as he delivered a spectacular performance and instructed a vigorous workout. Participants were taken through a motivational, high-intensity exercise that focused on the toning of abs and legs. Once everyone had completed their workout, our gracious hosts led the way to something much needed by everyone: containers with DAHlicious Mango Lassi and Cashew milk. Not only were the beverages refreshing, but the organic yogurt drinks are a great source of protein, which is essential after any workout. Everyone, including the Downtown team, was thrilled with the night.

The leading India-styled yogurt company, DAHLicious, has presented clients with many exceptional organic products and was proud to claim an award for ‘Best Yogurt/Dairy Alternative Category’ in this year’s ceremony for the sofi™ Awards 2019. The “Alphonso Mango” Lassi, which was presented at the event, received the bronze sofi™ award and features high probiotics with low sugar quantity. It’s no wonder the creamy dairy beverage is a best-seller.

DAHlicious Organic strives to include nothing short of the best in their products and is focused on bringing only the finest ingredients in their lassi and plant-based products. “Our goal was to create the best tasting mango lassi on the planet with simplest possible ingredients,” says Co-Founder JD Sethi. 

From their selection, you can choose between their grass-fed whole milk products or indulging in their innovative plant-based yogurts. The dairy option entails Lassi, the Indian organic drinkable yogurt. There’s a reason why the “Alphonso Mango” Lassi was the takeaway winner of the ‘Best Yogurt/Dairy Alternative Category’. The alternative to their milk products includes Cashew Milk, an organic drinkable yogurt, and their almond milk spoonable yogurt products. The Downtown team strongly recommends trying the field strawberry Cashew Milk; it provides unmatched flavor and leaves the drinker fully satisfied.

In the appearance of DAHlicious Organic™ at the PERFORMIX House event, two beautiful cultures met and a wonderful partnership formed. The two passions (one for a fit lifestyle and the other being for organic cuisine) combine to produce a harmonic coalescence.

For more information on local providers of DAHLicious, visit their website here, and for more information on PERFORMIX House, visit their website here!

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