The Instagram Blogger Phenomenon – Interview with Helena Glazer of @brooklynblonde1

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 As we are now in the midst of the Digital Age, Instagram is perhaps the most influential social media platform that millennials are using these days. As the app has gained popularity amongst its users, it has become somewhat of a social media ‘hub’. With a quick scroll on Instagram, one can check the news, see what their friends are up to, and check out the daily happenings of their favorite bloggers.

Bloggers are a huge part of the Instagram community. A plethora of users and influencers are now using bots and automatic Instagram follower tools or paid followers service on Instagrowing to outsource the hard parts of the work.

Over the past few years, bloggers have taken over social media by storm, and there are many bloggers who make a living through their Instagram blogs. It’s truly no wonder as to how some bloggers are able to make a living off of their Instagram pages; with some bloggers boasting over a million followers, companies often pay bloggers to endorse their products, which thus ‘influences’ the blogger’s following to purchase a certain product.

One might wonder, what is it that these bloggers post to gain such massive followings? One factor that surely draws in followers is the fact that many bloggers take their followers through their daily lives – almost like an Instagram reality show. You’d be surprised how interesting it can be to see what somebody eats for breakfast, what kind of shampoo someone uses, and what someone’s favorite pizzeria is in the city. Not to mention, the aesthetically cohesive look of the typical blogger’s profile and the gorgeous outfits they put together each day surely help draw in a crowd.

Perhaps one of the most well-known Instagram bloggers is Helena Glazer of @brooklynblonde1. As her username suggests, Helena is a blogger based in Brooklyn who has amassed a following of over 460,000 followers. On her blog, you will typically see a day in the life of Helena and her adorable son Nate on her ‘Insta Stories’. Helena also discusses topics like interior design, beauty products, and lots of fashion. Her profile mainly features photos of Helena photographed in gorgeous designer outfits on the charming streets of New York. Although the Instagram community is definitely saturated with bloggers, Helena’s blog stands out for a reason. Her content is authentic, and she forms a real bond with her followers through daily interactions and chats.


In order to get a closer look at the life of a blogger, and to get to know Helena even better, we got the chance to speak with her and discuss blogging in New York, being an NYC mom, and remaining unique in the Instagram blogger world (just to name a few topics)!

Q: Your blog has seen so much growth and success lately. In what ways do you think that living in New York has

accelerated your blogging career?

A: From the beginning, New York has been one of the biggest parts of my blog and my overall identity. Being surrounded by so much creativity, open-mindedness and talent is not something that’s easy to find in many other cities. It also doesn’t hurt to have such a beautiful city as my backdrop!

Q: What’s your favorite thing about being a New York mom? 

A: I’m a born and raised New Yorker and I know how much that’s shaped me into the person I am today. I was exposed to art, museums, the ballet and so much culture at such a young age. I love being able to give our son the same type of experiences this beautiful city has to offer.

Q: As an influencer, how do you think your followers influence you?

A: Oh man! I learn SO much from my followers. From design hacks to the latest and greatest restaurants. If I have a question, I reach out to my followers for advice and they always stir me in the right direction.

Q: Unfortunately, for every 99 loving comments, there will always be 1 comment full of judgment and hate. How

do you brave the judgment on Instagram from complete strangers?

A: As cliche as it sounds, I’ve been doing this long enough that I’ve developed a thick enough skin. Luckily enough, I don’t get that much negativity, but of course, there will always be that person. On a good day, I laugh it off and roll my eyes. On a bad day, I mutter something to my husband and just delete (or reply and then delete!)

Q: As Instagram has been a platform for so many successful bloggers to grow in recent years, it seems that the
number of up and coming bloggers on the app grows by the day. What advice would you give to this up-and-
coming bloggers who are looking to stand out, get noticed, but still remain unique on Instagram?

  A: I wish I had a great answer for this, but even as someone who’s been doing it as long as I have, I still ask myself this question. It’s certainly challenging, but the best somebody can do is be true to themselves. I see many fall into the trap of trying to be a watered down version of someone else that’s really the worst thing someone can do.


Tell us your favorite…

NYC neighborhood?:  West Village! Great eats, great people watching and a perfect mix of city life, but with a neighborhood feel. I also love the UWS but coming from Brooklyn, that’s a rare occurrence for me.

High-end brand to splurge on?:  Handbags are my weakness, so I’d have to say, Chanel.

Affordable brand?:  Zara

Children’s brand?: Zara

Food spot in Manhattan?:  L’Artusi and ABCV

Food spot in Brooklyn?:  Sushi Katsuei and Lilia

Kid-friendly food spot?: The Smith

Summer staple piece?: Always a pair of denim cutoffs and my Hermes Oran slides.

The upcoming trend for the fall?: I don’t really have an upcoming favorite trend, but once fall comes, give me all the camel, tweed and cashmere. I’m more of a fall classics girl.

A season for fashion?: Fall, no question!

Holy grail skin care product?: Biologique Recherche P50.

Perfume?: Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540

Lipstick shade?: Tie between MAC Red lipstick and Bobbi Brown Pastel #12 lipgloss.

Healthy snack?: GG crackers with turkey, mustard, relish, and avocado.

A song at the moment?: I’m kind of going back to old school 90’s hip-hop! Lately, I’ve been playing a lot of Biggie and Foxy Brown.

A piece of advice you’ve ever been given?: More a quote that really resonated with me: “confidence is silent, insecurities are loud.”

You can keep up with Helena on Instagram @brooklynblonde1, and on her blog



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