Tehora Online: A Modest Dress Marketplace

by | Sep 24, 2019 | Fashion, Featured, Industry News

Photos courtesy of Annaël Assouline and Tehora Online

Fashion should be an artform without boundaries. You can see, feel, smell, and even hear fashion–even if you’ve never worn heels, you’ve heard the power of confident heels clacking across a room. Fashion is pan-cultural and should match any aesthetic.

This week, Annaël Assouline launched Tehora Online, an online marketplace of womenswear dedicated to covered fashion. Models show off long-sleeve, flowing dresses off all prints and patterns, as well as jewelry, accessories, and more. The name Tehora comes from the Hebrew word טהורה, which means “pure.”

The inspiration for the company came from founder Assouline’s personal experience. “I wanted to turn this limiting, time-consuming and somehow frustrating shopping experience,” she says, “into an exciting and vibrant fashion journey, with no compromise on personal style.” Tehora Online is based in Paris, but the website is international: it’s available in both French and English. It will showcase international designers, small productions, conscious fashion, and emerging brands and labels. “Our point of view on beauty and fashion is about encouraging natural beauty, working on Inside and out, revealing oneself, celebrate differences, and embrace diversity.”

Modest dress, Tehora Online seems to say, is not a rejection of fashion, or a small niche. It is for millions of fashion-friendly women who feel excluded from trends because of certain dress restrictions. The target audience is bourgeois-bohème and globetrotters inspired, for the traditional and sophisticated women. Women who want to express themselves even in long sleeves, or floor-length dresses. 

Tehora Online hopes to speak to these women, whatever their reasons, in a way that other fashion brands have failed to do in the past. Of course, the website is for more than those who dress modestly as a lifestyle. Check it out and see what speaks to you. 

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