Survival of the Fittest – Staying Fit in New York

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If you need to shed some pandemic pounds and are willing to respect vigilant protocols, we have scoured the City for some rather interesting; not to mention fun, options for you to stay fit.

As spin class orphans during this pandemic, we chose BYKlyn Yard as our first stop.

In the shadows of The Barclay Center, The Yard, a community yard, is inimitable “Brooklyn”.  The walls are curated by Bare Canvas with murals painted by Alpha Arts Alliance featuring Flash o Boy.   There are 18 generously spaced bikes, sun sails to provide shade and maximize ventilation, and recycled AstroTurf complete with old soccer lines.  The BYKlyn Yard schedule includes top instructors from studios all over NYC. Expect diverse classes with different types of music. The instructor at our visit was Mr. Ney Melo – professional dancer by day, spin instructor by night – his mix of Latin beats, 80s remixes, and high tempo music kept us sweating throughout.  While BYKlyn lacks the metrics so many A-types rely upon, the holistic approach to fitness-for-all is refreshing.


Survival of the Fittest - Staying Fit in New York

Soul Cycle Outdoors LR Davidson @thelrdavidson


SoulCycle has launched SoulOutside.


That means everything you have come to love about an upbeat SoulCycle class, plus cool breezes, great views, and a full lineup of rides led by all your favorite instructors. The outdoor studio tent in New York is set up in the Hudson Yards Plaza right outside of their retail studio. This assures you of majestic Hudson River views and no lack of options for refueling post-class.  The entire user experience is now handless.  Check-in is now digital utilizing the SoulCycle app and the sound system offers an all-new, silent-disco audio experience for the SoulOutside series.


Survival of the Fittest - Staying Fit in New York

Soul Cycle Outdoors


If riding on a stationary bicycle that is going nowhere not your thing.

You’re not the crazy one. We are. So, fret not. Barry’s Bootcamp has opened the terrace at their Meatpacking location to meet your caloric deficit needs.  Their high-intensity interval training will push you to your limits. This time these limits have a view of boutiques and lovely dining establishments.  Carefully curated playlists are truly inspirational because it is difficult how you can otherwise sprint so faster and lift such heavy objects. Alternating muscle focus exercises ensure your body gets a balanced workout with plenty of recovery time… all under this lovely tent to protect you from the elements and pesky tourists.  Wait.  We do not have those any longer.

We never appreciate what we have until we no longer have it.


Survival of the Fittest - Staying Fit in New York

Barry’s Outdoors

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