Hairstyle: Updos and Don’ts

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Summer is still in full swing and with it hours upon hours spent in the sun and by the water. But it’s not all long, warm nights, sun-kissed skin and braided hair, because summer also presents some haircare challenges.

One of them is the frizz that humidity always brings along. Luckily, there are products to help fend off the frizz. Kérastase Discipline Fluidealiste is great for unruly hair looking for smoothness. By using the cleaner, conditioner, and spray, you can rule those locks like a true professional. For quick touchups on the go, Oribe’s Imperméable Anti-Humidity Spray comes in a size that fits in any bag.

Photos courtesy of Kérastase and Oribe

Salt Water and Chlorine

And then of course are the trips to the beach or pool. While the beach will give your hair those perfect beach waves, the salt water isn’t exactly your best friend. The high salt content will draw water out of your hair and you just might end up with parched, brittle locks. A good leave-in conditioner helps to keep the hair moist and soft, and make it harder for the salt water to damage the hair.

Not to mention that your beachy waves can be easily replicated at home with a few spritzes of sea salt spray. Just be smart when you choose, and go for formulas with minimal alcohol and lots of hair-fortifying ingredients—and try limiting it to a few times a week rather than every day. Too much of a good thing…

The pool, while great and often preferable in the city, has its own problem: chlorine. How best to protect your hair? First, soak it with fresh tap water before entering the pool. Wet hair is less absorbent than dry, and soaking will prevent it filling up with chlorinated water. Then apply Moroccan, argan or coconut oil throughout your hair. The oil acts as a treatment, coats the hair strands and seals them, making your hair slightly waterproof—and thus chlorine proof.

Haircuts and Styles

There’s always the endless question of what to do with your hair in the summer: up or down? Some popular choices are the high ponytail, a topknot, or a classic chignon—a seamlessly relaxed bun in the back.

And if you’re looking for a new cut this summer, these are the ones you should go for:

A long fringe: Incredibly versatile, it can be swept to the side or pinned back, and works on any hair texture… even curls!

The mid-length bob: This look has been in style since last year. This year, however, it’s all about more movement, which you can achieve with a lot more layers. It’s fun and stylish taken to the next level.

Simple long, shiny and straight: The long strand is back. Long, same length, blunt strands. You want to make sure your hair is extra healthy for this.

The shag: Still in style from last year, only cooler! Soft lines and seamless layers work on straight and wavy hair, long or short.

Embracing your natural textures: It’s organic, soft and natural. Keep your hair looking chic and effortless. Great for those who don’t have time to fuss over their hair.

Get The Look

Curly Hair 

Spray Kérastase Laque Couture to 1″ section of hair and wrap around a 3/4 inch barrel curling iron. Position iron in a diagonally upward manner, elevated away from the face, and continue around the head until a spiral effect has been achieved.

Back Bun 

Gather hair from ear to ear, pull away from the face and create a loose bun. Then seal with an elastic band below the tip of the crown.

Braid with Loose Curls 

Create a diagonal back section starting at the parietal ridge on one side of the head, and create a braid extending to the nape of the neck. Use fingers to loosen curls throughout the rest of hair. Spray Kérastase Elixir Ultime Oléo-Complexe to create a nourishing, shiny finish.

Top Bun

Gather all hair to the center point of the crown and seal with an elastic band. Twist hair around the elastic until a high topknot is achieved

Ponytail Cuff

Gather the hair 2″ above the nape of the neck, pulling back away from face, allowing the bottom 2″ to drop down. Secure with a band, wrap, divide in two, and create an infinity spiral around the two strands using the bottom sections of hair. Band ends and wrap.

Photos courtesy of Kérastase

Model Photography by Aranka Israni


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