Spoil Yourself Or Your Loved One For Valentine’s Day At TriBeCa Beauty Spa

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Hidden out of plain sight on Harrison Street near Pier 25 lies the perfect kept TriBeCa secret; TriBeCa Beauty Spa.

It’s just private enough that it’s not overrun with tourists, rather it has a long list of regulars. And in NYC, you know that any spot with a long list of regulars is a sign of a quality place.

The spa’s main focus is to be a neighborhood spa. Clients can both come for treatments such as mani-pedis and massages, but they also offer up services that go beyond this. With a special event space, clients can use the spa to pamper oneself and those around while celebrating big life moments such as engagements, promotions, pregnancies, and more.

And what better way to celebrate love itself than with some pampering? Valentine’s Day is vast approaching, and we’ll take any excuse to celebrate love and give our bodies some extra attention. Because love needs to be valued and celebrated, and you do too. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in our everyday lives, especially in this city. Any excuse to slow down and take some time to focus on yourself and those around you that are truly important is so important.

Why not celebrate this day of love by treating yourself or your loved ones to some love and care?

“Valentine’s Day is all about LOVE, and what better way to share love than to do something caring and pampering for yourself or someone special?” says TriBeCa Beauty Spa’s founder, Nadia Dekhkanova.

“The reason why spa services feel pampering is because there is this time that’s carved out just for you. During this time, the attention is focused on you and the intent is to make you feel good,” she adds.

And I think we can all agree that giving yourself some attention is important. As is giving your significant other, if you have one, some attention too.

A spa treatment is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for both couples and singles. Everyone deserves to treat themselves and to be treated with affection.

“There is no greater love you can show yourself than self-care,” states Dekhkanova.

She suggests massage as a great Valentine’s gift to yourself, or a spa pedicure with foot reflexology to release tension and assist your body to heal itself.

As for booking a treatment for your significant other, this can be a little tricky. It often depends on who they are and what they like.

“If it’s someone who takes pride in their appearance and stresses the importance in taking care of themselves, a facial is fantastic,” suggests Dekhova and adds, “massage is always our biggest seller during this holiday, you just can’t go wrong with a massage.”

And TriBeCa Beauty Spa has some truly amazing massages — and masseuses. Everyone knows exactly what they’re doing, so there’s nothing to be worried about even if you are a first-time spa-goer. For someone who’s only recently started going, I can’t stress the importance of making yourself and your body a priority enough, and choosing the right place to do so.

TriBeCa Beauty Spa carries three specials for Valentine’s Day — all of which can be enjoyed alone or together.

Be Golden consists of a 1-hour Swedish massage with relaxing Ylan-Ylang and Tangerine essential oils. The message includes rejuvenating with their Gold-infused collagen eye treatment and ends with a 45 minutes hot oil pedicure.

Warm Touch is a 75-minute Swedish massage with a hot stone or how towel combination. Perfect to warm your body inside out.

All the Love will treat your skin from head-to-toe. The treatment starts with their classic corrective-refining facials and ends with their signature New York Therapeutic massage — just the thing for worn-down busy bee New Yorkers!

The spa has a long list of treatments, everything from skincare to waxing and tinting. You can find more about the spa, how to book your treatment and prices on their website.

Happy (soon) Valentine’s Day!

Photos: Courtesy of TriBeCa Beauty Spa

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