Skinny Pizza: Big Flavor

by | Jul 27, 2016 | Dining, Downtown Eats Guides, Health & Fitness, Nutrition


Calorically-rich and temptingly mouth-watering foods like doughnuts, pizza and bagels are part of what make New York City, well, New York City. But no one likes the guilt-laden feeling after you lick the last bit of shiny grease from your fingers. Skinny Pizza strives to eliminate that feeling.


Skinny Pizza’s trademark crust is thin and delightfully-crispy, unlike a traditional thick and chewy New York City pizza crust. Although the dough is rolled thin, the level of flavor is not depleted, instead enhancing the holy combination of gooey cheese and tomato. The company also uses organic tomatoes for their sauce, naturally-grown toppings, and no preservative or additives. Along with natural ingredients, the majority of pizzas on the menu are also made with skim cheeses and are low in calories. I gleefully ate three slices of pizza for lunch and instead of feeling like an afternoon nap, I was pleasantly-full and ready to continue my day.

Skinny Pizza’s menu also boasts a wide variety of pastas and sauces as well as soups, salads and piadas. Skinny Pizza is located in Brookfield place, a central landmark of Downtown Manhattan.


Taking over the health food scene, Arctic Zero, Halo Top and even trends like scooping your bagels are converting foods widely known as “bad for you” into guiltless meals. Skinny Pizza has hopped aboard the fit and trim bandwagon, serving pizza that doesn’t sacrifice health and won’t make your day into a cheat day.

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