Actor Shedrack Anderson is Breaking into the Skincare Field with CBD Products

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Shedrack Anderson, known as a lost boy in Hook and Jermaine on Just Deal, has pivoted into the emerging field of CBD products, specifically skincare. We chatted with him about how this transition happened, why the field is important to him, and what makes his company, Chilyo, so special.

Downtown: How did you decide to get into the skincare industry? 

Shedrack Anderson: Being raised as a fruitarian, martial artist and embracing the holistic lifestyle from birth, I always had a special place in my heart for making homemade products. My father was a self proclaimed Herbologist, My Grandfather was a well known chemist and taught at Texas A&M University for over 30 years. In our house, we made our own products, because we knew the hidden truth about most consumer products that most people still don’t know. When I met Keren we began talking about how we could make a difference, and that’s when the wheels began to turn. We would talk about different kinds of treatments for her 5 young children and her 92 year old grandmother. One day, she mentioned her husband hurt his knee, and he purchased a tonic balm with CBD in it. He immediately saw less inflammation. I knew what was in CBD and how I could make it even better. It was at that moment, we looked at each other and decided we needed to start making products to help reduce inflammation of the body and look good doing it. Our skin is our first response to our environment and the effects of stress. We knew that we had to start with the largest organ, our skin. Viola! Chilyo was born.

Downtown: How did you come up with the name for your company? 

Shed: I have practiced the martial arts for over 30 years and studied many styles from all over the world. We wanted to use a unique word that when heard would invoke healing of the mind and body. We found it. Chilyo in Korean means healing, but we took it a step further. To Chil is to relax. Chil is also the number 7 in Korean, and we have 7 main ingredients in our complex. Yo is embedded in our American vernacular and means, among many other things, “you”. Chilyo means healing in Korean, calm down in African American culture, and now the first Environmental Response Skincare company using full spectrum Hemp CBD.

Downtown: Why did you choose to include CBD in your products?

Shed: You see, that’s the thing. It’s not just CBD. We use Full Spectrum hemp CBD. Most people think of CBD oil. CBD oil and full spectrum hemp CBD are two completely different things. It really comes down to how its extracted. CBD oil is a chemical process to isolate the “cannabidiol,” but it removes all the oils, vitamins, minerals, plant material etc. Full Spectrum Hemp CBD is the opposite. We extract the whole plant and leave in all of the nutrients that make the plant a true super food. It contains vitamin b complex, calcium, phosphorus, iron, protein, omega 3 and 6, and many more that truly make it amazing for every system of our bodies. I always say it’s like white bread vs 65 grain bread. I’m eating the 65 grain.

Downtown: What does environmental response skincare mean?

Shed: No matter where we live on this Earth, we are all living in an uncertain ever-changing environment. Not only externally with our shared ecosphere, but even with our own internal mind and bodies fighting to just survive. We are pioneering a new approach to respond to these environments by combining ancient techniques with modern science to make products that heal the mind and body.

Downtown: How did you decide which products to make?

Shed: We drew an outline of the body and made a list of every harsh environmental problem we could think of and we started from there. After months of research and analysis, we came up with four core products we wanted to release first. We wanted to combat inflammation, we wanted to fight dehydration, and we wanted to correct the acidic balance that causes distress in the body. We wanted to address bio fermentation and allow our own bodies to heal itself and we wanted to give our bodies protection from UV rays, IR rays, pollution, and all the stressors of life so that we could all just sit and Chil YO.

Downtown: Why is 27 days a magic number?

Shed: Research shows that every 27 days, the top layer of your skin sheds and a completely new layer is generated. During this process, your old skin cells die off and are replaced by new cells. Our bodies are constantly being regenerated so we have to take care of it.

Downtown: What is unique about your products?

Shed: We are the first company to ever combine full spectrum hemp CBD with ancient herbs and modern science as it relates to our environment to create one of a kind chemical complexes that make up a line of products that not only keep you looking young and healthy, but also protect you from deep cellular damage caused by our ever changing environment.

Downtown: Why did you start The Daily Chill? What can viewers expect from it?

Shed: Just ChilYO! Because we were entering an industry that most people knew little about, I wanted to provide a funny “edu-tainment” based tv show format so people could become enlightened without the boredom…and I’m funny man. People are going to love the show. It’s a light hearted way to learn about Cannabis and a small insight into our journey of making Chilyo. Ngaio Bealum from Netflix is also in the show and he is hilarious.

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