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Uni toast with anchovy butter, créme fraîche, bottarga and parmigiano-reggiano

Located on the Lower East Side, SakaMai serve up a western inspired take on traditional Japanese cuisine. The Izakaya and sake bar offers up interesting and stunning dishes that light up the table with amazing flavor and incredible colors. Izakaya is a type of informal Japanese pub and is usually a casual place for friends to grab drinks after work.

SakaMai was started by childhood friends, Natalie Graham and Tanner Fahl. As Hawaii-born Japanese-Americans, they were looking to present the amazing cuisine they grew up with in an approachable context.

Charred broccolini, parmesan crisp, charred soy sauce, and shichimi.


The creative menu offers small or large plates, and a full five course tasting menu, complete with a delectable, crisp mochi parfait. Favorites includes signature small plates, like uni toast with anchovy butter, créme fraîche, bottarga and parmigiano-reggiano, as well as charred broccolini, parmesan crisp, charred soy sauce, and shichimi.

Born into a family of sushi chefs, SakaMai Executive Chef, Takanori Akiyama is able to add to this vision with his traditional Japanese culinary background and training. Sourcing creativity from his life experiences, Chef Akiyama has invented a seamless, modern menu that takes patrons on a journey of inspired flavors.

Executive Chef at SakaMai, Chef Takanori Akiyama

Akiyama himself began his culinary career at Serina in the renowned Roppongi district of Tokyo. He was invited to New York in 1995 and since then his life has brought him back and forth from Japan to the US. In that time he has been able to master his craft to bring to life a simple yet elegantly traditional and outstandingly original menu.

Check out the SakaMai in the Lower East Village at 157 Ludlow St, New York, NY.



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