La Nuit En Rosé Celebrates The Return Of Rosé Wine

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There are few things better than summer, the best Manhattan views, and a glass of wine. And if you are imagining yourself with red or white wine, forget about it. It’s a new era: the rosé wine era. That’s why New York is hosting the world’s first ever large-scale rosé wine tasting event. La Nuit En Rosé will consist of three cocktail-style parties on June 13-14, 2014, on-board a luxurious new yacht along the Hudson. The guests will take an international tour through the best rosé wines from all over the world (more than 50, to be precise).



La Nuit En Rosé is a celebration of rosés created by the NY-based wine entrepreneur Pierrick Bouquet. There will be two four-hour sessions a day (each featuring ninety-minute sailings from Pier 40), one in the afternoon and another one in the evening. In addition to a chic New York cocktail-style tasting, the events will also include music, culinary dishes, and a wine competition with a panel of distingushed judges and prizes for the audience. We suggest you bring your iPad or mobile aboard, because guests will be able to purchase wines directly from renowned wine merchant Zachys on the event.

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Rosé is back, and it’s not only us that say so; Forbes declared recently, “Once tragically uncool, rosé wine is now officially hip,” and according to new data from Nielsen, premium imported rosés grew by 39% in volume and 48% in value in 2013. Ladies and gentlemen, prepare your palates for La Nuit En Rosé.

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