Lisa Sun Introduces Project Gravitas

by | Aug 11, 2015 | Fashion

Project Gravitas is a luxury handmade collection of sophisticated women’s clothing made and produced in New York out of Italian and Japanese fabrics.

Founder, CEO and Entrepreneur, Lisa Sun, created Project Gravitas to encourage women to project their inner beauty and confidence through fashion and styling. “I’m going to start a company that’s not a fashion company; we’re going to be a confidence company,” said Sun.

After finishing up her degree at Yale University, Sun went to Southern California to help her parents run their business in a scrap metal yard due to health issues. Her family later sold the business and Sun went to work for Mckinsey & Company for 11 years, where she launched the Apparel, Fashion, and Luxury practice.

Although she’s reached individual success, it wasn’t enough for her parents. Sun’s mother expressed she could no longer live at home, and needed to get her own business off the ground. By the next morning, Sun had ten emails from lawyers, accountants, and business managers who had received orders from her mother to execute the necessary steps to kickstart her own company.

This took Sun down a nostalgic road to her first professional review from one of her former bosses. In the review her boss said she lacked gravitas — dignity, depth, importance and substance — from there, Project Gravitas and the foundation of the company was born.

Project Gravitas online store offers an array of pieces for every woman both executives, moms, and young ambitious explorers. All of the garments sold on the website are far from traditional; Sun’s personal project is to create innovative clothing that women won’t find in retailers or boutiques, but are likely to wear.

Roughly, about every six to eight weeks Project Gravitas releases a new style or new colors for existing styles. Their latest piece is the Lucille Dress also know as the Dress in the Desk. The v-shaped neckline and ruched front wrap paneled dress is made from specially-milled wrinkle-resistant lightweight crepe with memory retention properties that allows wrinkles to smooth out within an hour of unpacking or wear.

In addition to new products, Sun’s clever marketing strategy creates a variety of inspiration for women through her “Style Your Dress” option on the Project Gravitas website. Like the  80/20 rule that applies to life and even business, it also applies to a women’s closet. The rule suggests that women only wear 20 percent of the clothing in their wardrobe, while 80 percent just sits there in hopes to be worn. Project Gravitas only creates clothing for the 20 percent of your closet to be worn to work or to multiple occasions in a day.

Each garment from dresses to skirts was created for a different body type. Project Gravitas has six different fit models and incorporates a unique shape wear to ensure the best look for any body shape or size. Project Gravitas patented built-in shape wear allows more flexibility and comfort than other shapers because it’s unique to each size.

“The sophistication of the line, coupled with the luxe materials was not only flattering, but easy to wear and incredibly comfortable,” said Crystal Eastman, an executive at American Express.

Unlike its competitors, Project Gravitas encourages fashion and self-confidence throughout the company. Every month a Gravitas Woman of the Month is highlighted on their website, and 10 percent of the purchase price of a selected dress is donated to a charity of that designee’s choice. To date, Project Gravitas has given back to 23 charities and featured 26 women including Jennifer Justice & Jana Fleishman of Roc Nation, Ann Caruso, and Georgia Garinois-Melenikiotou of Estee Lauder.

Since Project Gravitas made its debut in 2013, the confidence selling brand has reached significant success from being featured in InStyle Magazine, Marie Claire and made several appearances in The Oprah Magazine.

The luxury women’s brand offers products under $500, however, the Sun focus isn’t selling clothes; it’s all about giving women the materials and access to project their inner gravitas.

For styling tips, clothing and more visit their Project Gravitas.

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-by Krissy Lewis


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