Prada shakes things up with the David O. Russell-directed “Past Forward”

by | Nov 18, 2016 | Business, Fashion

Kuoth Wiel, Frida Pinto & Allison Williams or Prada's  "Past Forward"

Kuoth Wiel, Frida Pinto & Allison Williams / “Past Forward”

As discussed in a recent article by Jen King for Luxury Daily, Prada is creating more than just high-end fashion. The Italian brand is asking viewers to decode what is experience, what is memory and what is dream in its new David O. Russell-directed short film. Starring Allison Williams, Kuoth Wiel and Frida Pinto, Past Forward was first premiered via Instagram’s Stories app feature, targeted towards users in New York, London and Tokyo.

In analyzing why a brand like Prada would aim a new campaign at social media users, Vertic founder/CEO Sebastian Jespersen explained: “Social media, and specifically Instagram have a larger share of a user’s life…If you compare how much time you spent on Instagram for example compared to how much time you spent at a gallery, or at a movie theater, you would realize that a big chunk of your information needs is satisfied through social media.”

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