Pop-up Workout Opportunity at The Dogpound

by | Jul 23, 2019 | Exercise, Featured, Health & Fitness, Wellness

In need of a new exercise class? Well, you’re in luck because an international, non-profit organization, Hoops for Hope, is working together with Dogpound, a fitness facility, on pop-up workout sessions open to all on August 3rd and the 4th at the Surfer Lodge in Montauk, New York from 9am-12pm.

The workout classes will be instructed by Sadiq Abubakar, Pawel Maslag, Andreina Marrero, Emily Samuel, and Carter Gallo.

As a final event, Southern African Braai, sundowners, and live music will be performed during the evening from on August 4th at Amagansett, Long Island from 6-9pm.

All proceeds from the pop-up classes will go to Hoops for Hope and their foundation in order to help the growing community and children in Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Pop-up Workout Opportunity at The Dogpound
Andreina Nu, Christian Castano, Matt Tralli, Nicole Beauregard DogPound Trainers

Hoops for Hope has helped over 10,000 young children around the ages of 6-16 in underserved areas in Zimbabwe and South Africa to improve important life skills like learning about health and diseases, gender equality, happiness, and education in order to better themselves and the community. 

Our job is to remind young people that we can still have a better tomorrow even though things are not so good today,” Ngoni Mukukula, Hoops for Hope director said in a video on their website.

To sign up for the pop-up class or donate to the Hoops for Hope organization, click here.

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