ParmCrisps Launches Plant-Based, Dairy-Free Cheese Crisps

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The 100% Cheese Cracker Enters the Plant-Based Category to Expand Consumer Base


When we received the press release about yet, another plant-based snack we were like, really, not again. Almost everyday snacks and beverage drinks would arrive at our office, and not one person in our office would give a thumbs up.

Finally, one arrived, and after just one bite it had our entire staff’s approval. With not one, but two thumbs up!

One editor was heard saying, “I only wish that we had a case of these delectable, and perfectly flavored plant-based snacks.”


Discover snacking again GF, Vegan, and DF

ParmCrisps, the nutritionally on-trend snack brand, has once again broken through the confines of the cracker category. The brand is eager to announce its newest line, Plant-Based ParmCrisps, made from 100% dairy-free cheese. Plant-Based ParmCrisps will come in two timeless flavors: Sea Salt and Cracked Black Pepper and will be a first-of-its-kind product that caters to the plant-based lifestyle.

Grocery sales of plant-based foods have grown 29% in the past two years, according to SPINS data released in 2020. Plant-based cheese, in particular, has seen an 18% spike since 2019. Americans are increasingly enlisting in a plant-based lifestyle with vegan options, and the plant-based category has exploded to reach $5 Billion in 2020. As a result, restaurants, retailers, and food brands are innovating swiftly and strategically.

“THANK YOU, SAM. A snack that I can’t stop eating, and no tummy aches. Having food allergies, I was worried. Grace Capobianco Ceo- Downtown Magazine”


ParmCrisps Launches Plant-Based, Dairy-Free Cheese Crisps



“The ParmCrisps innovation strategy has always been developed with the consumer top-of-mind,” says Sam Kestenbaum, CEO of ParmCrisps. ”When we noticed a trend toward plant-based snacking, we partnered with Whole Foods to create a solution for both our consumers and our retail partners. Plant-Based ParmCrisps is that solution, and it tastes so good that we’re confident both mainstream and plant-based consumers will fall in love.”

SPINS, for the last 52 weeks has proved ParmCrisps as the number one Cheese Crisp brand in both the Natural and Grocery category, and we can see why!

Natural Channel’s fastest-growing brand in the entire cracker set. As the Natural Channel leader, Whole Foods and its parent company, Amazon, partnered closely with ParmCrisps for the development and launch of this dairy-free crisp and will have an exclusive on the item in 2020. This first-ever dairy-free cheese crisp will be driving incremental basket sizes and bringing new consumers into the exploding Cheese Crisp category.

Find these first of their kind, plant-based cheese crisps in Whole Foods nationwide in October 2020 for an SRP of $4.79. ParmCrisps are the first-ever no sugar, no gluten snack made from real, oven-baked cheese, and now, dairy-free options.


ParmCrisps Launches Plant-Based, Dairy-Free Cheese Crisps



About ParmCrisps

ParmCrisps Branded Snacks are artisan-crafted, crunchy crisps made from oven-baked cheese and premium seasonings.  Whether consumers are Keto, Plant-Based, or Sugar-Free, ParmCrisps brings them a go-to snack that fits their cravings and lifestyle. ParmCrisps also offers Snack Mixes, the first low-carb, low-sugar Snack Mix to satisfy even the biggest cravings. The brand has been celebrated as a favorite, innovative snack by Food Network, Hungry Girl, NOSH, Medium, Whole Foods Magazine, Oxygen Magazine, and now Downtown Magazine NYC. ParmCrisps can be found and purchased on, and in major retailers nationwide.

Don’t walk but RUN to your nearest Whole Foods Store. We highly recommend this product and congratulate Sam on his growing success.
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