Pantone Color of the Year 2019 is Living Coral

by | Dec 8, 2018 | Design, Lifestyle, Uncategorized

Pantone has announced its color of the year for 2019, and it is Living Coral. It’s an interesting choice because it seems to echo the mood we are in now: swimming in optimism, diving into change, doing our part as citizens, through charitable causes, activism and as designers with thoughtful engaging work.

It seems this year that instead of seeing red in ultraviolet and being stuck in uncertainty, we are working on change collectively, wearing these peachy vibes around town in style, and appreciating them in the home. Living Coral leans towards a life filled with tranquility, warm vibes of calm, it brings a sense of sanity and spiritual healing.

As far as design, the Pantone Color of the Year pairs well with fresh breathable blues and serene greens, close in tone, a bit of a contrast in color. Coincidentally about a 2 years ago I created a coral colour to use in my own bedroom because I wanted to create a warm softness that surrounds for my girlfriend, to offset and balance our busy life. I’m very pleased to see this color popping up now. I am a man of monochrome in my designs and used that style in our room as well. The pink and orange hues are not only on the walls but extended around the base skirting and up the ceiling, to create a feeling of being in the midst of something ephemeral, wrapped in cotton candy. It’s warm and playful without being overly sweet, and it has an airiness to it that really feels right. It’s a restful, rejuvenating place.

As an enthusiast of art history, I find this interesting—the prominent trendsetters and influencers, the colors of the year, all of this has led to mini-moments in time and they are period pieces in their own right if you look back at them. It’s fascinating how fluid things are—we are all watching trends unfold in real time, especially on social media. Influencers in the design world have a responsibility to champion good design and innovation, and colour is an excellent way to inspire. Looking back over the popular or trending colors can be very instructive about people’s feelings and emotions. Pantone Color of the Year: Living Coral feels very much of the moment. It has depth and sophistication but at the same time, it is filled with positivity and light. Maybe that is where we are going as a nation. I’m hopeful INCOLOUR!

Martin Kesselman at Holiday House, photo by Rio Hamilton

Martin Kesselman at Holiday House, photo by Rio Hamilton

Martin Kesselman owns INCOLOUR, a celebrated Colourshowroom and paint shop in TriBeCa. He consults, collaborates, and also sells product. For Kesselman, “Colour is art; Colour is style.” What began as a creative expression transformed into a distinguished profession. He has pioneered a new discipline in interior design as the color expert. Leading interior designers, architects, Fortune 500 companies, and discerning homeowners have relied on his color expertise and design vision.100 Lafayette Street (corner of Walker), NY NY 10013

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