Palmiers du Mal Previews Resort 2016 Collection

by | Jun 30, 2015 | Fashion

Photo courtesy of Palmier du Mal

Photo courtesy of Palmiers du Mal

Who knew the evil palms would make you feel so good?

The luxurious unisex mens inspired brand, Palmiers du Mal, released its Pre-Spring/Resort 2016 collection with 100% cashmere knits and sweaters, paired with tailored cotton button ups and tailored wool slacks.

Headed by Shane Fonner and Brandon Capps, who strengthened their skills at fashion houses like Billy Reid, Maison Kitsune, and Saturdays NYC, lend their passion for design and a Utopian life full of  inspiration for the kinetic creative.

Focused on creating quality garments, Creative Director and travel writer, Shane Fonner, pushes his philosophical and travel insight a little further in his mens inspired pre-spring collection. The vibrant color schemes draw influence from Morocco, Brazil, and Mexico. They also incorporate brown, black, navy, and ecru to blend each so it works for every skin tone and eye color, creating diversity not only in gender but on a universal scale.

Fonner also plays with layers and shapes in the this collection. For him, the ability to layer up and down is important and stands as a focal point for the collection. Incorporating the New York winter weather conditions and casual classic style of the city, Fonner urges consumers to use their creativity to play with each piece. “This winter, despite the cold, I still really tried to not wear a jacket,” he continued, “I would put on a giant chunky old cardigan over top of another sweater, which is over a button down shirt, and some kind of thick pants. Being able to wear cashmere is really really nice on the legs,so I try to make some interesting pieces.” With Fonner’s background in retail, he stands by the importance of knowing his consumer and creating pieces most practical and appealing to the consumer.

Photo courtesy of Palmier du Mal

Photo courtesy of Palmier du Mal

Cashmere is known to be one of the most dainty materials to create with, but with Palmiers du Mal’s seven gram weight Scottish cashmere knitted in Italy, it creates the urge to sleep, eat, and live in it. Adding on to this idea of practicality, Fonnor is intrigued by the stories that clothing can tell after a few wear and tears, he expresses, “I don’t even necessarily want people to dry clean it all the time. I had instances where I’ve thrown my cashmere in the washer and it comes out feeling so soft.” Fonnor continues, “the fabric stretches and it takes on a whole different life and then you don’t feel like you have to treat it with kitten gloves. It’s not like a priceless piece of artwork.”

The pieces in the collection offer a variety of styles from pop overs, flag fronts, to camp collars and providing the same variety with price points. You can purchase Palmier du Mal on their website and C.H.C.M boutique.


-by Krissy Lewis

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