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New York Prime Beef, which provides high quality mail order meat, specializes in dry-aging ultra-luxurious steaks in all your favorite cuts, including Kobe and wagyu. The meat is aged for at least 28-days or even aged-to-order in their state of the art drying facility in the Bronx. The meat is sourced from the Mid-West and Pacific North West and is grass-fed, corn finished. With online meat sales on the rise, we thought it would be a great time to chat with Josh Tanner, the director of New York Prime Beef about their process and his favorite cuts!

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Downtown: What does the dry aging process entail, and how does dry aging change the final result?

Josh Tanner: Dry aging is the process of storing the cuts of beef in a temperature and humidity controlled cooler to allow natural breakdown of the tissue and evaporation of water to tenderize the meat and concentrate flavor.

Downtown: How did you settle upon 28 days as your usual age rate?

JT: We have found 28 days to be an optimal amount of time to see the tenderness and flavor benefits while maintaining a fresh and “clean” flavor of the beef.

Downtown: What happens when you choose to custom age for more or less time?

JT: Less time will result in less of the beneficial tenderness and flavor, more time will result in a “funkier” flavor and a more dense, but soft texture.

Downtown: Do all types and cuts benefit from dry aging?

JT: All cuts can benefit, but for cuts destined for stewing or braising dry aging is less important and sometimes not desirable.

Downtown: Why is traceability so important to you?

JT: The only thing more important to us than our customer’s enjoyment of our steaks is their health. We only work with purveyors that we can trust, and food safety and defense is of paramount importance to us.  Traceability is key in this regard for obvious reasons.

Downtown: What are a few of the most popular orders?

JT: Our USDA Prime Filet Mignon, USDA Prime Cowboy Ribeye, and our Domestic Wagyu New York Strip are our most popular steaks by far.  People love our thick sliced bacon as well.

Downtown: What’s your favorite cut and way to cook and serve it?

JT: I’ll always be partial to a Dry Aged Bone In Ribeye like our Cowboy.  I’m fortunate to have an abundance of apple trees at home, so my go to is a quick twenty minute smoke over apple wood and finished directly over the flame for a beautiful char. Pull it at 125˚F and let rest for ten minutes. I like to slice and present it on the bone, family style. The texture contrast of the fat and meat on a ribeye is pure magic.

Order your own steaks on their website and follow them on Instagram to get ideas on how to cook your meat at home!

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