Prep for Another Notorious New York City Summer with These Skin Care Tips

by | Mar 23, 2018 | Beauty, Featured

Spring is upon us, and before we know it we’ll be getting beaten into submission by the character-building NYC summer, and our skin will be at risk. Dryness, sunburn, flaking, irritation – a New York City summer can bring all of these and more if you don’t switch up your skin care regimen. Here are four quick tips to keep your skin glowing this summer:

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1. Exfoliation

Dead skin, oil and several other unwanted compounds can pile up on our skin if we let them. To get rid of these nasty inhabitants, scrub them away with an effective exfoliator. Whether you do it yourself or get a comprehensive exfoliation treatment like the Peach Pit and Baby’s Bottom skin care treatments at Downtown New York City’s own Haven Spa, an effective exfoliation will scrub away any unpleasant top layers present on your skin to leave it soft and smooth.

2. Hydration

Dry skin can be painful, irritating and itchy, and sometimes knocking back our doctor-recommended eight glasses of water per day isn’t enough. Keep your skin moisturized to fight off dryness and irritation, and don’t be afraid of being heavy-handed when applying – your skin will thank you.

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3. Sunscreen

Just because you’re not being burnt to a crisp doesn’t mean the sun isn’t damaging your skin. Either choosing a moisturizer with a moderate SPF, or simply covering up with a layer of sunscreen before you head out will help keep the harmful effects of UV at bay.

4. Nutrition

We tend to think of our skin as something only managed with creams and treatments that are directly applied, while what we eat actually plays a huge part in our skin’s health. Take care that you’re getting enough Zinc, Vitamin A and Vitamin C this spring to get your skin ready for another New York City summer.

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