Iconic Murray’s Cheese Shop Opens Customizable Mac and Cheese Bar

by | Mar 5, 2019 | Dining, Featured, Restaurants

In case it hasn’t already taken over your Instagram feed, we’re here to tell you iconic Greenwich Village shop Murray’s Cheese has opened up a mac and cheese bar. The fast casual concept is right next to their flagship Bleecker Street shop, so you’ll definitely want to take home a few wedges so you can get your cheese plate on at home.

Murray’s has partnered with Sfoglini, beloved New York pasta maker, to exclusively use their radiator pasta in all of their mac & cheese offerings. Sfoglini’s radiator pasta is made using only two ingredients – organic durum semolina and water, making it the perfect base to capture the flavors of our mac & cheese options. The shape of the pasta also serves a purpose, each nook and ruffled edge acts as a vehicle to have sauces and add-ons incorporated into every single, cheesy bite.

The signature flavors include Buffalo Chicken with blue cheese and buffalo sauce, Carbonara with pancetta and peas, French Onion with caramelized onions and bacon, and a weekend only breakfast version with sausage, bacon, and an egg. Diners can also customize their own cup of goodness with premium ingredients that range from pesto and roasted tomatoes to ‘Nduja and a giant ball of burrata. The shop is open daily at 254 Bleecker Street from 11 AM until 8 PM so you can eat mac and cheese all day!

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