MODO’s Newest Contributions to Their Sustainable Eyewear Collection

by | Apr 16, 2018 | Fashion, Featured

Fashion has been making subtle, but significant strides towards sustainable production for several years now. Faux leather handbags, the use of recycled materials and cutting down on waste has helped the major fashion houses shrink their carbon footprint and advocate for a more sustainable future. Joining in on this environmentally-conscious movement is the eyewear designer MODO with their sustainably fashionable ECO eyewear collection.

The frames in MODO’s ECO collection are made from 63% castor seed oil, which is a renewable non-food oil that puts them one step ahead of the sustainable designer eyewear game. In addition to their renewable construction, MODO plants a tree for every pair of ECO glasses sold to rebuild the environment and promote an environmentally-conscious culture, which certainly isn’t the first thought when talking about high fashion. They have planted 1.5 million trees so far and aim to keep that number rising with their new conceptual glasses. Here are two of our favorite featured styles from the MODO’s newest ECO collection additions:

MODO Sustainable Eyewear style Nestos

MODO Nestos

MODO’s Nestos glasses (with optional sunglass clip) bring back the retro, boxy frames of the 80s and update them with a more streamlined design. The Nestos frames come in several different colors, and the optional sunglass clips provide even more customization with green, lavender and tortoiseshell options.

MODO Sustainable Eyewear style Yamuna

MODO Yamuna

The ECO Yamuna provides a softer approach to sustainable eyewear with a more gentle wayfarer shape and largely translucent color scheme. With a handful of color choices available, you can take your pick of the style that best complements the rest of your SS18 wardrobe. The Yamuna, like the Nestos, offers the addition of optional sun clips to ward off the sun this summer.

To learn more about the ECO Collection, visit the MODO website, and to stay up-to-date on the latest fashion finds, trends and news, hop over to our Fashion section.

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