Mizu Sushi Dishes Fresh Fish

by | Dec 20, 2019 | Dining, Featured, Featured, Restaurants

Mizu, a sushi spot in flatiron, is unpretentious. The dining area is simple, with plenty of tables and a tasteful yet simple aesthetic. Just enough to remind you that you’re here for sushi. In fact, the only standout feature of the restaurant–physically, at least–is their sushi bar, with stool seating and a window where you can see the fish. This focus will be a theme throughout the experience. Mizo understands that no amount of flash or finery can compete with a focus on the essentials.

The chefs at Mizu purchase their fish fresh every morning, as well as scallops, shrimp, and sea urchins on a seasonal basis. Their food is always made-to-order. If you want takeout, we were told, you might have to wait for as long as 20 minutes once you arrive–they don’t like to leave food waiting.


This dedication to freshness and quality at Mizu permeates the menu. Every dish which presents itself fish-forward is full and flavorful. The presentation is stylish but, again, never to the point of distraction. For starters, try the yellowtail carpaccio or the white tuna truffle. The yellowtail comes with jalapeno and yuzu dressing and has a fruity flavor, which is complemented perfectly by the spice. The white tuna truffle is milder and sweeter–it is a don’t-miss for fans of truffle oil.

When you get to the sushi, start with the Flatiron roll: spicy crunchy salmon topped with salmon, avocado, and ikura. It is a delicious example of Mizu’s fish-first sushi at its best. The salmon topping focuses the flavor with the sweet, spice, and crunch, letting them enhance the natural flavor. We ended our meal on the Jurassic roll, another of our favorites. The miso sauce topping the white tuna roll gave it a sweeter, almost dessert-like flavor which we loved.

Mizu says that they don’t compromise on their fish, and Downtown believes it. Try as we might, we weren’t able to taste every roll they have to offer. But we haven’t given up. We’ll be back soon–plus, we heard something about a happy hour. We hope to see you there.

White Tuna Truffle

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