Mixer founders Anis Bennaceur, Cody Simons & Alex Carapetis on their popular app & more

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The founders of Mixer

The founders of Mixer

Simply put, Mixer is a global private network for individuals working in art, fashion, film, music and other creative industries. Members must be invited to join the app-based social network, and in turn, they are able to showcase past and current projects while making one-to-one connections. Some of its current members include Rose McGowan, André Saraiva, Adrian Grenier, Lindsay Lohan, Cédric Hervet, Luke Pritchard, Adam Green, Zafar Rushdie and musicians from Major Lazor, St. Lucia, and Leon Bridges’ band.

The founders of Mixer come from very different backgrounds. Cody Simons graduated from Harvard with a degree in Statistics. Anis Bennaceur earned a Masters in Business from ESCP Europe, having worked in marketing at Tinder in France. Alex Carapetis is a drummer for both Wolfmother and Julian Casablancas + The Voidz; he has also toured with the likes of Ke$ha, Nine Inch Nails and Phoenix. Downtown had the pleasure of catching up with Cody, Anis and Alex for some Q&A about Mixer’s past, present and future.

More on Mixer can be found at www.joinmixer.com, while Mixer can also be followed via Instagram and Facebook.

Andrew in action at a live Mixer event

Alex in action at a live Mixer event

How did you three first meet?

Alex Carapetis: Anis and I met two years ago over a pre-show steak frites lunch while I was on tour in France with Julian Casablancas + The Voidz. Anis booked me for an after show DJ gig at Le Baron in Paris. He told me about how him and his business partner Cody Simons were at the beginnings of creating a platform / app. They expressed interest in bringing me in as the chief creative. It was actually quite a serendipitous moment as the three of us were all looking to create an app for creatives kind of like LinkedIn meets Soho HouseOver those next few months we integrated our visions and began to shape the scope of Mixer.

Did any of you work together on a project prior to launching the app?

Anis Bennaceur: No. Although, Alex DJed at a party I threw in Paris. Does that count?

Sure. How did the decision come to make your social network app-based rather than a website?

Cody Simons: Since we were focused on artists connecting with other artists, we wanted something that would be quick and easy to connect rather than something heavy-handed. We are also working on a website.

Cody Simons

Cody Simons

What is it that you look for in new members? Is there criteria for someone to get an invite?

AB: I’m looking for interesting art, alternative music from whatever you can listen to on the radios these days. Mostly, I think, before approving someone on the network, “How would this person be a good addition to all this userbase that we already have?”

CS: We are generally looking for people who have devoted their career to their trade — not hobbyists.

AC: Creatives — people in fashion, film, music, art, influencers, movers and shakers

Are there any projects that have come about as a result of your app that you are especially proud of?

AB: We are seeing extensive daily use and interaction on Mixer. All internal collaborations and projects are generally confidential unless they’re announced on other social media.

Is there a region where most of your users are? Or are they truly all over the place?

CS: Right now, Mixer’s membership is mostly concentrated in Los Angeles, New York, and Paris. We are working on growing our membership in London, Berlin, and some of the other creative markets in the U.S. — Nashville, Austin, Atlanta, Seattle, etc.

Anis Bennaceur

Anis Bennaceur

What’s coming up for Mixer in the near-future?

AC: We’ve just introduced our jobs section, which is growing daily and features some brilliant workplace opportunities for creatives. A beautifully-practical way to post jobs and look for paying jobs in the creative and arts industry.

CS: We are focused on growing the membership and getting more jobs on the platform. We have some major updates we’ve been working on coming out in the next month — stay tuned.

When not busy with Mixer, how do you like to spend your free time?

AB: Reading, I’m a bookworm, and I love biographies. I’m currently reading Claude Grudet’s. It’s fascinating.

AC: Music + Travel + Love.

Do you have a favorite restaurant in New York?

AB: Epistrophy in Nolita, I always go for the hanger steak. And Blue Ribbon Sushi on Sullivan [Street], I go there every week — their popcorn shrimp tempura is a killer.

CS: We work in Nolita so we often go to Lovely Day and Tartinery for lunch

AC: La Esquina, Pepe Rosso, Vanessa’s [Dumplings], Sushi Seki.

Alex Carapetis

Alex Carapetis

Any upcoming concerts or events you have tickets to?

AC: I play drums with Wolfmother and I’m currently in Australia opening up for Guns N’ Roses. Pretty sweet tickets.

AB: I just go to smaller and more intimate concerts. I missed Splashh’s concert last week because of the snowstorm. So I’ll definitely see them at the Mercury Lounge at the end of next month

CS: Lemon Twigs Feb. 21 at Bowery Ballroom — they’ve got a cool sound.

Finally, any last words for the kids?

AB: Don’t ever, ever, ever worry about what other people think of you.

AC: Have fun, stay safe, live with love, put time into following your ultimate desires daily. Follow your dreams. Be good to your mother.

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