metrica: Designing Luxury Superyachts & Residential Interiors Around the Globe

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metrica, a global company with a focus on luxury superyacht and residential interiors, recently expanded to the US under its new North American CEO Mark Mantione. With a serious concentration on custom craftsmanship that translates to residential interiors as well, metrica is uniquely positioned to serve the needs of residences on and off the water. The German-born company’s portfolio of projects includes superyachts such as Odessa II, Al Mirqab, and Z, a plethora of high-end residential interiors around the world, and relationships with designers such as Tom Dixon, Terence Disdale, and Jon Bannenberg.

Marc Mantione, ceo of Metrica, superyachts and luxury interiors company
Mark Mantione, North American CEO of metrica.

Downtown: How would you describe metrica to our readers?

Mark Mantione: metrica is the global leader in iconic residential and superyacht interiors. We procure, engineer, fabricate, finish, and install the most luxurious and complex interiors in the world that include elements of wood, metal, glass, and stone. We also incorporate rare materials such as horn and mother of pearl as well as luxury elements like custom humidors into our work. metrica works with the world’s wealthiest individuals, and they keep coming back to us for the beautiful, high-end work we always deliver. 

Downtown: How did a focus on luxury superyachts and interiors come about?

Superyacht and megayacht interiors by metrica.
Photograph courtesy of metrica.

MM: The demand of our ultra-high net worth clientele seeking highly-customized interiors led us to specialize in this niche market. There are very few companies worldwide that can achieve the level of craftsmanship that has become synonymous with metrica. We are the leader in this sector.

Downtown: As the new North American CEO, what are your plans for metrica in the U.S.?

MM: As we move into this new market, I plan to continue metrica’s legacy as the gold standard for iconic craftsmanship that the world’s leading architects, interior designers, and clients continue to look for in their builds.

Superyacht and megayacht interiors by metrica.
Photos courtesy of metrica.

Downtown: How does metrica work in both the luxury yachts and residential interiors sectors? Don’t they entail very different approaches? What are the similarities and differences in the design approach?

MM: Actually, yacht and residential interiors are similar in terms of methodology. The superyacht engineering and interior construction is now becoming the new way for residential interiors. In other words, residential interiors are now all engineered, fabricated, and finished in the shop the way yachts are. Once completed, they are shipped to the job site and installed with minimal cutting and only a few touch-ups to the finish.

Superyacht and megayacht interiors by metrica.
Photo courtesy of metrica.

Downtown: What is one of your favorite superyacht projects to date? Can you describe the end result?

MM: My personal favorite is Aquila. It was a 85.6 meter (281’) refit of an American built yacht. The interior was transformed from a “classic” aesthetic into a cool and contemporary look. All 5 of Aquila’s decks were radically transformed within a 12-month period. This was an astonishing amount of work completed in an equally astonishing amount of time.

Downtown: How many superyachts has metrica worked on? What sets metrica apart from other yacht interiors’ designers?

MM: To date, we have completed over 100 new builds and more than 200 refits. As far as what sets us apart, designers like to use metrica because of our impeccable, old world craftsmanship combined with the most modern technology and machinery on the market. Our expertise in legendary interiors, both on land and at sea, is unrivaled in the industry, which is why the world’s wealthiest come to metrica for every type of residence.

Downtown: In what other countries does metrica work?

MM: We have current and past projects in the United States, the UK, France, Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, and Qatar.

Superyacht and megayacht interiors by metrica.
Photo courtesy of metrica.

Downtown: Is it true that your team is comprised of over 230 carpenters, technicians, engineers and architects? How much customization goes into each project?

MM: More, actually. We are now closer to 300 and growing. Every detail on every single project is fully custom, and everything we engineer and build is one-of-a-kind. We work on some of the most challenging and complex projects anyone has ever seen. Every new job sees new challenges that require research, development, and extreme attention to detail, and meeting each new challenge is a point of pride for our team.

Downtown: What about your team do you think separates you from other firms altogether?

MM: Our culture. We are all Metricans, which means we care as much about our employees as we do our clients. That results is a win-win for everyone and inspires us to provide our clients with the absolute best result we can. That’s why our motto is “your way to perfection” – our team makes sure that our clients never receive anything less than a flawless end result.

Downtown: Where is metrical located?

MM: We have our headquarters in Senden, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Our second manufacturing plant is close by, offering another 125,000 square feet. In the United States, our headquarters is in Greenwich, CT, and we will soon be running a large manufacturing operation in the northeast United States.

Downtown: What projects are you working on now?

MM: In the US, we currently have three large residential projects in New York City, one in Boston, one in Palm Beach, two in San Francisco, and one in Malibu, as well as yacht projects in West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale. In Europe, we have eleven superyacht projects throughout Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, and Spain, along with residential projects in Paris, Zurich, London, and Moscow.

superyacht and megayacht interior by metrica.
Photo courtesy of metrica.

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