Living High in Lower Manhattan with Kim Rose

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Kim Rose is a real estate agent at Compass and has resided in Manhattan for 25 years. She has earned a solid reputation as a genuine and enthusiastic partner, uniformly praised for her sales savvy and negotiating skills, as well as her finely honed knowledge of the real estate market. In her spare time, Kim enjoys spending time with her family and travel. 

Downtown: How long have you been a broker? 

Kim Rose: I have been selling real estate for approximately 5 years. Prior to this, I was involved in the real estate industry in a different capacity, working with a large developer.  

DT: What drew you into this industry? 

KR: Real estate in New York City is unlike anything else. I grew up in Connecticut and spent a lot of time coming into the city and watching the landscape of Manhattan change over time. I often thought about the buildings and who lived in them, and I always wanted to be a part of it. 

DT: What do you love best about your job? 

KR: I love meeting all of the different people. Buying or selling a home is a very personal and emotional experience. You spend a lot of time with your clients and really get to know them. I have made a lot of great friends through this experience.

DT: What is your favorite time off activity, hobby, or favorite place to chill downtown? 

KR: My favorite place to unwind with friends and meet for drinks is The Four Seasons downtown. It has the best vibe. For a great meal, I still love going to Raoul’s.  

DT: Name someone who inspires you and why? 

KR: My children inspire me every day. As adults, we sometimes forget the little things in life that are important and I love that they make me take stock of that. Through the lessons that we teach them, I am constantly reminded to be fearless, treat others with respect, and most importantly, to have fun.    

Kim Rose

DT: What gives you joy? 

KR: Professionally, it gives me joy when a buyer finally finds their home. It is a journey and to be included in that is very special. Personally, I find joy spending time with my family and friends…especially in the summer months.

DT: Why buy downtown? 

KR: Right now it is a buyer’s market and there are so many opportunities to take advantage of. Low mortgage rates, quality inventory, and pricing afford buyers an opportunity to purchase in locations/markets that they were previously priced out of. For example, I have a beautiful loft available in Tribeca at 55 Hudson Street that would have been on the market for a substantially higher price a few years ago. A buyer came to my open house last week and told me he was so excited about the listing because he is finally previewing Tribeca properties, something that he and his family never thought would be possible a few years ago.

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