“Less Is More” — Apartments Go Green

by | Jan 26, 2017 | Business, Real Estate

W Residence Condominium

W Residence Condominium

Well-designed interiors are crucial for New Yorkers who want to “live with less” while enjoying a comfortable lifestyle for ease and relaxation.

So here’s a “cheat sheet” for green apartments in New York City:


When considering green design concepts, create simplicity, keeping homes clutter and stress-free. In the fast-paced world of New York, living in a tranquil environment with space-spacing furnishings is refreshing and optimal.

W Residence Condominium

W Residence Condominium


A pristine white perimeter for your apartment — the dining/living area, kitchen, etc. — should all be contained in one bright, modern, fresh open space with walls of windows. Having a “fresh” and “modern” interior that boasts a design to fit your taste will let your apartment breathe with minimal need for maintenance.


There should be only essentials with minimalist clutter-free furniture, such as a living room, that might only have a couch, another chair, a coffee table, a couple of lamps. Or even less — a bedroom with only a simple bed, a dresser, and night stand. Here there is quality over quantity. The fewer pieces of furniture, the better.


The next step is to think “out of sight.” Except for bare essential furniture, there should be nothing else on the clear floors. Generally, you should store items out of sight — drawers, cabinets, etc. — except a couple of simple decorations. There are also clear surfaces; examples being kitchen counter-tops with only the toaster, a coffeemaker…Note: There should be no knick knacks, stacks of books, or papers.


Be sure to use plain window treatments with only bare windows, because too many ornate coverings around the windows is clutter.


The next thing to contemplate is simple accent decorations. Otherwise — a home would be too boring –a simple vase with a few flowers or clear walls with a piece of art, drawing or photo with some bare walls.

The Nassimi Group’s President/CEO Richard Nassimi commented, “TNG supports an efficient green use of space with minimalist modern décor and space-saving furniture, expanding the feel of our furnished apartments for sale.”

Nassimi showcases green apartments with minimalism, as guided by the principles of his celebrity award-winning real estate team. So be sure to consider these hints the next time you consider your apartment design concepts.


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