Kering Group leads the way with its new parental leave policy

by | Dec 20, 2016 | Downtown Living, Fashion

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As learned from another great story by Jen King on the Luxury Daily website, French luxury conglomerate Kering Group has introduced a parental leave policy for all of its employees.

Beginning Jan. 1 of the New Year, Kering’s new parental leave policy will go into effect. The company has more than 38,500 employees in about 60 countries, who will be entitled to 14 weeks of full pay for maternity and adoption leave or five days of full pay for paternity and partner leave. In countries with more favorable parental leave benefits, the country’s local legislation will be applied in place of Kering’s policies.

Said Beatrice Lazat, Kering’s Senior Vice President of Human Resources: “This ambitious policy will enable employees of the group and its companies in almost 60 countries to benefit from a standard framework that promotes a healthy work-life balance.”

The length of maternity leave — and whether the period away from work is paid, fully or at a lower salary — has become an important issue for many women and their partners. With no workplace standard established in many countries, companies with policies that support employees’ desires to have children are likely to be better-received than those without leave programs.

More information on the Kering Group — which owns Saint Laurent Paris, Gucci and Bottega Veneta — and its new policy can be read via Luxury Daily.

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