Jar Bar: Healthy Breakfasts, Delivered

by | Aug 4, 2015 | Dining, Health & Fitness, Nutrition


In the age of Instagram, a superfood-packed, well-prepared meal can boost not only your metabolism, but also your social media ego. But when it comes to morning meals, exhaustion and the rush out the door tend to overpower all else, leaving both nutritional value and picture-worthiness to suffer.

Enter Jar Bar NYC: the new delivery-based operation that has managed to merge all of the latest trends into one business, providing busy New Yorkers with convenient, healthy and pretty breakfasts.

Jar Bar delivers Mason jar breakfasts, carefully crafted and sprinkled with superfoods, directly to your door. While catering is offered throughout the city, the delivery zone for smaller orders is restricted to Downtown Manhattan.

The dairy-free, naturally sweetened parfaits come in four flavor varieties and can be purchased in minimum orders of five jars for 35 dollars. If left in the refrigerator, one order will have your breakfasts, afternoon snacks or post-gym fuel covered for the week.

Unlike store bought or DIY alternatives, Jar Bar boasts a chia pudding with an unmatched depth of flavor that has been taste-tested hundreds of times to achieve perfection.

The jars feature unique combinations of chia pudding, overnight oats, all natural nut butters and fresh fruits, neatly layered and sweetened with maple syrup and amber agave. Each eight-ounce jar comes with a small serving of granola. Homemade granola and “ bar bites,” or small protein-packed energy snacks, are also available for purchase.


The jars, introduced to the public in early 2015, began as the healthy hobby of Syracuse grad, Jenna Heller, who was inspired by her own struggle to find a satisfying, portable meal that was also dairy-free. By eliminating meal prep and providing customers with a healthy and delicious product, Jar Bar hopes relieve morning stress and demonstrate that taste does not have to be compromised for nutrition.

The business is rapidly growing, according to Heller, moving closer toward its goal of dominating the New York market in terms of healthy, delivery based breakfast and snack goods.

The company hopes to expand outside of Manhattan in the near future.

To place an order, visit their website here.

– by Ricki Harris

*Photos courtesy of Jar Bar NYC

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