Ioma Paris Launches Ma Crème: The Caviar of Skincare

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The Ioma Paris Beauty Diag Machine

According to Ioma Paris Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Jean-Michel Karam, the phrase “one size fits all” does not apply to skincare. The brand’s revolutionary and innovative technology offers customers products that are precisely individualized — and it is highly unlikely that two customers will receive the same formula. On June 24th at The New York Palace Hotel, Karam and his team debuted Ioma’s newest invention, Ma Crème. Karam says that Ma Crème is “the ultimate in personalized skin care. No one has gone this far before.”


Ioma Ma Crème Day Cream and Serums

Guests tasted caviar and sipped Dom Perignon as Karam described his newest cream and the technology behind the formula. The event also gave attendees the opportunity to use Ioma’s Beauty Diag Machine in order to determine which formula would best address their own personal skin needs. The machine examines skin on a microscopic level and reveals what cannot be seen by the naked eye.


Ioma Ma Crème Night Cream and Serums

The Beauty Diag, which is offered at every Ioma Paris skincare counter, rates skin on moisturization, trans-epidermal-water-loss, fine lines and wrinkles, redness, bacterial activity, sebum, and pigment spots. The higher the score in a particular category, the more that area is in need of care. Then, based on the machine’s diagnosis, an individual formula is prepared by a brand representative. There are over 40,000 different possible formulas for Ma Crème alone.


Ioma Paris Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Jean-Michel Karam

Ioma Paris is offered throughout Europe and also has several locations in department stores throughout the US. In New York, it can be found at Saks Fifth Avenue. Karam said that Ioma is looking to expand even more in the US over the next few years. “We’re really looking to understand the American consumer,” he said. “We are looking at a much wider expansion in the US.”

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