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Where can you find a chemical engineer and a would-be forensic psychologist collaborating on a tartine?


High Street on Hudson, the all-day restaurant in the West Village, where head baker and partner Melissa Weller and chef Mary Attea have teamed up to revamp the menu.


Chef Weller By Ryan Liu

I met Chef Weller and Attea at GrowNYC Grains in the Union Square Greenmarket to pick up 25-pound sacks of einkorn, the world’s oldest known variety of wheat. Weller makes a dense bread with einkorn flour and whole grains that she slices thinly for the base of the tartine she and Attea collaborated on.


We also picked up a bunch of breakfast radishes from Eckerton Hill Farm in Berks County, PA and beautiful radish microgreens from Windfall Farms of Montgomery, NY.


Einkorn loaf By Ryan Liu


Weller’s einkorn loaf is best the day after it is baked.

The untoasted slices are slathered with a thick layer of butter that Attea has infused with lemon. Chunky slices of pink radishes are topped with shaved breakfast radishes and microgreens. Another splash of lemon covers the dish before Attea cuts open a beautiful soft boiled egg and showers the whole thing in Bottarga, a luxurious cured mullet roe beloved by chefs. The radish tartine is a dish that truly reflects Weller and Attea’s new partnership.

High Street on Hudson is an all-day neighborhood restaurant and cafe founded around the love of bread.  Our ovens and bakery are the center of our kitchen starting from the pastries in the morning, freshly baked breads for sandwiches and salads at lunch, to the bread to sop up your chicken at dinner. Our bread, all made from locally sourced grains, is baked fresh on-site daily.  Located in NYC on the border of the West Village and the Meatpacking District, High Street is right off the High Line around the corner from the Whitney Museum of Art.  Pick up a loaf or join us for a glass of wine and cheese.

637 Hudson Street New York, NY 10014

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