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The coverage for female entrepreneurs receive is essential to expanding their impact and to get noticed. Therefore, as we wrap up one of our most difficult years 2020, we thought it fitting to highlight a brand that we feel deserves coverage.

Women from all industry’s, education, and ethnicity, every day are creating new products, start-up businesses, and cutting edge procedures from real estate, to cosmetics. These women are changing the way we view entrepreneurs, shop for new brands, and are showing determination, and fearlessness.

Hawa Cosmetics was created for its namesake, a working makeup artist, and model, with over a decade of being a makeup artist who saw first-hand women’s confusion and frustration at gimmicky products and confusing beauty regimes.


DTM: How did you come about creating a cosmetic company/brand?
CEO and Owner Hawa Abdul: How I came about creating a cosmetic brand started with me working for major cosmetic companies. To name a few; Clinique, Dermablend, Bobbi Brown, Tom Ford Beauty, Sisley, and a few others that are under the Estée Lauder umbrella. I was a top Makeup artist and selling producer for the color lines. So it gave me an edge on what women were looking for. Which made it easy to create a brand.
DTM: How long have you been in the beauty industry?

CEO and Owner Hawa Abdul: I’ve been a professional makeup artist for over 20yrs. Best time of my life!

DTM: What makes your brand stand out above the rest and what do you want our readers to know?

CEO and Owner Hawa Abdul: What makes my brand stand out above the rest is that Hawa Cosmetics is made with quality. I select and create colors that really work on All skin tones. A line created by a working makeup artist who touches and talks to every client about her needs.

DTM: It looks like you’re a New Yorker, how has Covid affected your business? 

CEO and Owner Hawa Abdul: COVID has affected all businesses. But what I’ve learned is that you must stay open to reinventing yourself. I’ve learned that social media is my key to doing Supreme business.

DTM: If you could change one thing in the cosmetic/beauty industry what would it be?

CEO and Owner Hawa Abdul: If I could change one thing in the industry it would be Creating a system where makeup artist can have virtue one on one consultations with clients to ensure excellent customer service.

DTM: What’s the best way for consumers to become educated on how cosmetics are made and what they should look for when purchasing cosmetics?

CEO and Owner Hawa Abdul: The best way for customers to become educated in cosmetics is to utilize your PC. You can google everything today., I personally love YouTube, you receive so many reviews facts, and opinions on cosmetics. I Believe You should look for quality in products. I can not stress this enough. Drug store brands are Stepping up to High-end brands in this category.

DTM: Being a woman of color and selling makeup to different types of skin and color pigment, how difficult is that and is there a difference in the skin? 

CEO and Owner Hawa Abdul: Being a woman of color selling makeup to all women was easy for me. As I worked for major Cosmetic brands in Bloomingdales, Bergdorf Goodman, Barnes, Neman Marcus, Saks, CosBar, and the Carlyle Hotel. These locations have had me Makeover every woman and man imaginable.

There is a difference in skin tones and texture but that comes with an expert eye.

DTM: When you were a little girl was that something you always played with and dreamed of make-up and beauty? 

CEO and Owner Hawa Abdul: As a little girl I would always play in my Grandma “Pascuala Vasquez makeup. My grandma RIP was born in the 1920s
I couldn’t wait for the day for me to shave off all of my Natural brows and draw them on with a jet black eyeliner pencil like her. Her vanity table was my dream., Loads of makeup, lipstick, and Perfume.
She was a lady.
DTM: What is all the hype about botanicals and what difference do botanicals make in skincare?

CEO and Owner Hawa Abdul: The Hype of Botanicals stands true. Botanicals can make promising skincare. Natural Botanicals has anti-aging properties that help calm and firm skin. It can also help with acne, reducing redness and it’s ideal for soothing sensitive skin. There are so many benefits to natural plant extracts.

DTM: We’re thrilled to have you in the print Holiday gift guide for 2020, we have sampled your products and we enjoy them and feel that they’re good solid quality. The coverage is exceptional. Is there anything else you’d like to tell our readers that we have not asked you?

CEO and Owner Hawa Abdul: We all at Hawa Cosmetics are ecstatic to be in the Holiday Gift Guide for 2020! I am happy that everyone has enjoyed the quality of the products. It means the world to me. I want to thank every woman who has poured into me their concern and need over the years that helped me to create a brand that all women will enjoy. 
“I want to thank the CEO Of Downtown Magazine Grace A. Capobianco for having me in this special issue. I would also like to thank my dear friend Marcia Nakaydo for believing in the brand. We have worked together in this beauty industry for years. Let’s have a wonderful Holiday. Thank you. CEO and Owner Hawa Abdul”
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