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The brainchild of Marcelo Burlon, Marcelo Burlon County of Milan, is a combination of its creator’s influence of styling, art direction, and photography.

Founded in 2012, Marcelo Burlon County of Milan started with just a line of graphic studded t-shirts. But today, it has grown to be a street culture-inspired and genderless style that has emerged as a new kind of fashion. A fashion that engulfs you as a part of a group yet projects your personality as an individual. Here we have a list of the top Marcelo Burlon clothing items from TheDoubleF that you must have a look at:


Marcelo Burlon Clothing Items From TheDoubleF


Marcelo Burlon County of Milan is famous for its hip style of comfortable streetwear that is casual and fashionable. Bestsellers from the County of Milan collections have always been the jackets. Meant to suit all genders, the jackets in the County of Milan collection represents the hip and street culture and borrows touches from the 80s while walking along with the current trends. Items such as the Black cropped Denim Jacket and the Light-blue cropped Denim Jackets set the example.  


Staying true to its original style, County of Milan

sweatshirts give’s a casual and sporty feel with a dash of the splendor of fashion. Bringing in the comfort of a sweatshirt and switching it up a notch with crazy graphical illustrations, the County of Milan sweatshirt collections make looking fashionable easy. Items of clothing, such as the Black Blazier Wings Sweatshirt and the Cropped Block Color Sweatshirt, with their oversized fit, graphical elements (for the former), and block colors (for the latter), brings out the true sporty fashion. 


Marcelo Burlon Clothing Items From TheDoubleF



Hoodies are one of the few clothing items that are liked by the larger population of the mass.

And rightly so, because of the comfort they provide. But hoodies are also a big part of the street-culture, which is why they are a colossal part of the County of Milan collection. The Pink Wings Hoodie gives the signature graphical look of Marcelo Burlon, entwining, once again, casual and eccentric. The Black Paillettes Hoodie, on the other hand, brings sequins back from the 1960s with a touch of modern culture. The bell-shaped sleeves, the red string, and the overall black sequin mix sporty, glamour, and street in a harmonious combination. 


Marcelo Burlon Clothing Items From TheDoubleF


There are more clothing items that the County of Milan has to offer –

such as T-shirts, like the Black open back t-shirt, or the Squared wings series, skirts like the Black Paillettes Mini Skirt and the Buttoned Mini Skirt, dresses, jeans, and many more. To get more of the best items of clothing from the designer Marcelo Burlon, visit TheDoubleF and step up on your street style.


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