From Russia with Love – A Sit Down with Dmitry Irshinskiy of FEKKAI

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I live by the rule to never look for a bargain when it comes to comfort, injectables, and hair. Some hairstylists also do color, in addition to cut and styling. I choose not to go to a hairstylist for my color. My personal experience is that these are very different skills.

Ladies, you would not go to your gynecologist for injectables, they why should you cheat your hair out of an expert colorist?

Whether you want a complete color overhaul, a new season upgrade, or to just further enhance what you’ve already got, I highly recommend Dmitry Ieshinskiy.

2021 is right around the corner, the holidays are coming and you have been self coloring since March, its time!

I had the chance to ask my colorist a few questions,



DTM: Where did you grow up?

DI: I grew up in Russia

DTM: When did you decide that you wanted to be a colorist, where did you study and who was your biggest influence?

DI: I knew I liked hair at the age of 5, I knew I loved it at the age of 21 in Virginia Beach, where I started at a posh beach hair studio as an assistant.
Everyone I’ve ever worked with from day one has been an inspiration for me. Tammy Sherman, the creative director of color at FEKKAI the Mark, who trained me, is one of those people. Among celebrity colorists I’ve always looked up to Tracy Cunningham of LA, Her skill set is phenomenal, and she has a humble personality.

DTM: What color trends are coming for the holidays and the first quarter of 2021?

DI: Do what looks best on you. If we talk trends, warm it up and tone it down. Apple cider, spice, cinnamon, every shade of coffee and creme there is. If you’re a blonde, try going a level deeper, create tone! It’s like putting makeup on. And don’t forget the reds!

DTM: We see more and more women letting their grey grow in, what are your thoughts, and how does one maintain their best grey?

DI: Grey hair is part of hair fashion too. Do not forget that! Otherwise, it’s simply going to age you. Rule of thumb: you must generally look good in silver vs. gold. Winter-type pale skin with pink undertone and icy-blue eyes are a plus.


From Russia with Love - A Sit Down with Dmitry Irshinskiy of FEKKAI

DTM: Which color is the hardest to maintain and do you have any tips for our readers?

DI: Haircolorists say: Reds are the hardest to keep and the hardest to get rid of. My advice: don’t wash your hair every day, use cooler water. Ultimately, it’s all about color care products. Take out all sulfate-based shampoos. FEKKAI color technician shampoo and masque once or twice a week!

DTM: Is there a certain age when one should not have to consider blues, greens, purples etc?

DI: Age has nothing to do with it. My advice is: don’t be afraid to ask your colorist about it. Hair color is more about who you are, not how old you are. Plus, there is a variety of softer shades of bold colors, that can create some really sophisticated looks. One of my clients is a tech CEO from San Francisco. She has grey hair with a few true blue highlights. She’s never had that much fun with her hair and everyone loved it too.

DTM: Fekkai has done such a great job protecting its clients, and team during these unprecedented times, how does it feel to work with a brand that truly cares?

DI: It’s the company’s first priority right now. FEKKAI has been taking unprecedented measures to protect both, clients and employees. It’s the company’s first priority right now.

DTM: Where do you go to the downtown area, when you need to relax and get that downtown fix?




DI: My downtown go-to’s. It’s either Equinox Noho or Equinox Wall Street. LOLL Soho has been great during the pandemic, Cipriani on West Broadway always made me feel like we still live in a “normal” world. Food, wine, service, and ambiance- always a delightful experience. And there’s nothing better than a stroll (run?) along the west side highway towards Brookfield place marina to see the best sunset over Hudson. Beauty is everywhere and it’s free for all.


From Russia with Love - A Sit Down with Dmitry Irshinskiy of FEKKAI

Dmitry Ieshinskiy


DTM: Is there anything you would like to share with our readers?

DI: The one thing I’d like to add is that I wish everyone finds joy during this holiday season. Take good care of yourself. It’s important. A Russian writer, Dostoyevsky, once said: “Beauty will save the world” The phrase is extremely popular and widely used in Russia, and I believe it to be 100% true. Basically, it’s my motto.

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