Fitness Friday: CompleteBody & CBXT

by | Apr 28, 2017 | Exercise, Health & Fitness

Much as the name implies, at CompleteBody — an exclusive NYC gym with three locations — the physical aspect isn’t the only focus. Focusing on six essential elements of strength, cardio, flexibility, nutrition, meditation and rest, CompleteBody make sure its members’ workout regime comes full-circle from inside out.

Besides excellent amenities such as a full cardio and fitness floor and an amazing climbing wall, CompleteBody offers a variety of classes to fit the gym-goers. Members can join in on everything from Yoga and Barre to Spinning and Boxing classes.

CBXT: The class

Their signature workout class, however, is called CBXT. A workout that hits all the major muscle groups in just one class–and even better, in as short as 45 minutes. Perfect for busy New Yorkers! The workout is based on the Tabata Method, high intensity interval training.

“This is a timed workout including 45 seconds of high intensity followed by a short 15-second cooldown before starting up in high intensity again. This short rest enables the body to keep the heart rate up, creating an aerobic state and in turn burning more calories over the 45-minute class than your basic workout,” explained Davide Butson-Fiori, regional group fitness director at CompleteBody.

The class is fast-paced and you go through six stations with different exercises targeting different muscle groups. By using TRX, kettle bells, agility ladders and so much more, the stations allows you to. Each station has two different exercises and are moreover supported by tablets playing a video of an instructor demonstrating each exercise.

What sets it apart from other classes are two-part. “First, all instructors are certified personal trainers. This allows the member to get the best instruction for a safe and effective experience. Our trainers know how to push and also how to modify if needed, and they are encouraging and motivating,” said Butson-Fiori.

“Secondly, our CBXT workout is done with heart rate monitors that display real time heart rate, calories burned and your activity level. This allows our instructors to monitor your progress and afterwards review your workout and give goals for the next session,” he added.

The CBXT workout is great for improving your overall physical health on three levels. With intervals of cardio, it builds great lung capacity and a strong heart, it builds muscles and tones through its targeted exercises, and the classes end with a core section, a stretch and a guided meditation to “help members reset.”

And best of all is the energized feeling in the class. “The energy and the desire to succeed that every member exudes, it motivates and feeds everyone involved,” Butson-Fiori stated.

Photos courtesy of CBXT

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